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hayloftbham's Latest Activity

  1. hayloftbham

    Medicinal Honey

    Used Medihoney. Loooove it!
  2. hayloftbham

    NICU Nerd Attack!

    Just bought mine!!
  3. hayloftbham

    Starting pay for RN, ASN

    Around 19/hr.
  4. hayloftbham

    Contracts and Paying the Company Back

    I'm with AMN and was told to work an extra shift in order to avoid the fine. Your extra shift can take place during anytime of assignment.
  5. hayloftbham

    nicu travel nurse questions

    Questions to ask: when do i get to take my lunch break :) but seriously: is the md/np in house 24 hrs?, is RT available?, where do float?, what are the nurse to pt ratio?, how often are fluids changed?, visitation policy, etc... You should really get most of these answered before you start during the interview process. Just go in with a good attitude and don't look scared!
  6. hayloftbham

    Jeff State Fall 2014 Hopefuls

    I'm at Shelby and I don't think it's awful. There are a lot of complainers out there. All nursing classes are challenging. Expect to work hard, read, and study. As far as clinicals, we were asked to list our preferences in selected clinical sites. Most of the clinicals in nursing school will be med/surg. Just calm down and enjoy your freedom before you start the program. It's very doable.
  7. hayloftbham

    Advice - Is NICU very different to other Nursing Specialities?

    If you already hate nursing, the best thing to do is to find a different career path. The NICU is a tough world and takes a dedicated person to actually be competent in this specialized field. Also, money should never be your motivator for success. Nursing is not a get rich profession.
  8. hayloftbham

    Freaking out

    Get your car shipped and fly. Easy!
  9. hayloftbham

    California license

    Got my license last week. My application was officially opened on June 4. I sent all my documents in April.
  10. hayloftbham

    Need Advice

    Hello! I am excited about starting a new experience by becoming a traveler. I will be going to Southern California. I'm coming from the South and just wanted some insight about whether I was receiving a fair compensation. I will be working a 13 week ICU assignment. My Regular rate is $22. Per Diem is $35. OT rate is time and half on the regular rate. I'm receiving $2000 a month in housing stipend. (I will be living with a friend and only pay $400 in rent) The company is paying for all travel expenses including shipping my car and the CA license fee. I will also receive a $700 bonus. I have not signed any contract yet so there's still room for negotiation. Thanks in advance!
  11. hayloftbham

    L&d or critical care to get in NICU

    L&D nurses take NRP. You will be in critical deliveries and see how the delivery nurse handles 22 weekers, cardiac babies, and codes. I think LD is a great place to get the experience to transition, but why not apply directly to the NICU?
  12. hayloftbham

    NICU and the nursing student

    We use Rocuronium on bigger babies that have a high tolerance for sedation medication. They tend to be older BPD/ PPHN babies.
  13. hayloftbham

    Jeff State Fall 2014 Hopefuls

    I figured it out: You have to register for it (evolve will send you an email confirming registration) then, I went to a page called HESI assessment and entered the cohort registration code. It worked
  14. hayloftbham

    Jeff State Fall 2014 Hopefuls

    Mine didn't work either
  15. hayloftbham

    1 year med/tele experience looking to travel in LA

    My former roommate has 13 mos of m/s experience and she received a traveling assignment in Oakland. My coworker has 18 mos of ICU experience and received numerous offers all over Cali. There's definitely hope! Good luck
  16. hayloftbham

    Jeff State Fall 2014 Hopefuls

    Mine worked. Which program are you in? I'm sure someone will send you the code you need

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