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  1. Nurse Corps loan repayment 2015

    denial email today.
  2. Onsite Primary Care ?

    I am interviewing for an onsite PC position that is managed by a hospital owned medical group. Suggestions for specific questions to ask regarding onsite care and the operation?
  3. Shadowing in Urgent Care

    I would ask about the types of procedures that is permitted to be performed. Ask about policies or protocols for what types of visits are not acceptable and should be evaluated in the ER. Notice the flow such as is it free for all on patients for the...
  4. ANCC FNP exam: My experience

    Those who have purchased the ANCC review book and the practice exam on the ANCC website..... Was looking into purchasing the practice exam online with ANCC, are any on the ? a repeat from that was on the review book? Really don't want to spend the ex...