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  1. specialcrayon

    Platt College Aurora?

    So, I was wondering if anyone had any updated information about Platt College Aurora? I am applying for a 2019 start date. Anyone graduate there and got a good hospital job? Anyone went on to pursue further education in nursing after graduating from Platt? Any current students there with advice on the application process or advice during the program? What are clinical like at Platt and where do you go for them? Thanks you all in advance.
  2. specialcrayon

    Platt College?

    Oh ok! Congrats! Hope to see you around campus next year. Did you have to redo/ turn in all of your paperwork again?? Or did they just keep all of your papers and re-reviewed it for fall? I'm wondering if I don't get accepted in June, would I have to re-write another essay, resend all my transcripts...etc. if I were to apply again for the next cohort.
  3. specialcrayon

    Platt College?

    Did you get accepted? I am applying for June 2019 start date
  4. specialcrayon

    All of the classes I need are full!!

    Yes there is priority registration . I am a returning student and not a continuing student, therefore my registration date is later than others. And I'd have to wait until next semester when I'm considered a continuing student to be able to have top priority. Usually for classes there are open statuses, meaning that there's still room available. Then there is wait list status, meaning you can still register in that class, but you'll be on the wait list until someone drops or doesn't show up. And then there is closed status, which means that the class is already full and there are already too many wait listed people enrolled and waiting. I'm encountering the closed status on all my classes that I need.
  5. specialcrayon

    Carrington College ?? Accredited??

    I live in California and I was looking into Carrington College-Sacramento's LVN program. Money is not an issue for me, but I am ultimately gonna go for my BSN, and I am not quite sure about how things would go if I wanted to obtain a BSN somewhere else (after the LVN, and then LVN to RN bridge at Carrington). Would the credits be able to transfer over? Has anyone ever done Carrington College's LVN-RN program, and then went on to a different school to obtain their BSN? Did you ever have a problem with that? I've realized that Carrington College is accredited with WASC, but is that enough?? Will it be a problem getting hired if employers realize that your education was from a private school? I've seen that there are great reviews AND horrible reviews of this college. I am very interested in it, but I'm not quite sure yet because of these thoughts in the back of my mind from reading the bad reviews. I don't want to take this program and then realize that I cannot obtain a BSN afterwards or eventually my MSN anywhere else because of the accreditation.
  6. specialcrayon

    All of the classes I need are full!!

    Hi everyone. I am currently in the process of finishing my CNA course and will hopefully be a Certified Nursing Assistant by next month. While doing so, I am also enrolled in some pre-nursing courses this spring. I had planned on only working as a part time CNA for the rest of this year while finishing my pre-reqs for nursing. I still have all my science courses to take. However, as the time for me to register for my summer and fall classes approach, I keep checking the availability of these courses, and basically, all of the classes that I would need to take for this summer and fall are close (full). Now, I'm not exactly sure what my route would be for the rest of the year (while waiting for spring semester), besides working as a CNA. Would it be a good idea to take some random health related courses that aren't pre-reqs? Would working towards a second degree along with my nursing degree be an option?
  7. specialcrayon

    Sierra college nursing fall 2014

    A friend of mine got accepted into the ADN program for this fall at Sierra College. She found out about a week ago or so.
  8. Hi there. Thank you for the reply. How long ago did you apply to those nursing programs?
  9. Hi everyone! This fall, I will be applying to 6 California State University BSN nursing programs, which all include: CSU Chico CSU East Bay San Diego State CSU Fullerton CSU San Marcos CSU Channel Islands I would like to know what you think my chances are with getting accepted into any of these programs, with these outcomes: TEAS score: 80 Culm GPA: 3.5 Science GPA: 3.5 CNA Certified with 100+ hours of paid work experience Recent U.S. Navy Veteran (4 years Active Duty, Honorable Discharge, Rank: E-5) ****ALSO, I am thinking about applying to nursing schools offering BSN programs in UTAH. However, will it be tougher to get into than schools in California?**** Southern Utah University OR any accredited nursing programs within a 3.5 hour radius of SUU.