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  1. Vak89

    Free CNA courses in WA?

    I ended up finding one at the Life Care Center in Puyallup if anyone else was looking. It's only $40 and no commitment to work for them after passing the exam. Thanks for aall your help.
  2. Vak89

    Free CNA courses in WA?

    Thanks a lot, all your help is appreciated. I'm going to check into some LTCs and see what I can find.
  3. Vak89

    Any free CNA courses in WA?

    Any in the Puyallup, Tacoma, or Olympia areas would be perfect.
  4. Vak89

    Free CNA courses in WA?

    I live in Yelm, WA and I'm looking for a free CNA course reasonably close. I'm pretty much in the middle of Tacoma and Olympia. Anything near Puyallup is cool too. Thanks ahead of time!
  5. I have the essay itself done I just need to find 2 sources and find quotes to fit into my essay.
  6. I have my essay complete I just have to include three quotes from peer-reviewed sources and I am having tons of trouble. Everything I find is on diseases, all I need is one talking about functions. Thanks for any help you can offer!