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  1. Skin to skin after delivery

    In a normal, low risk delivery with a stable mom and baby, we do STS for at least the 1st hour before taking baby to the warmer for measurements, vit k, and physical. Vitals are q30min x4 with the first being wishing 15 mins of birth.
  2. What does your username mean?

    The names of my family integrated into one name. Ga = first 2 letters of my husbands name, Me = Me, Ca = daughter, Co = son
  3. I’m still a new grad (December) and still in orientation in OB, doing PP/Mother-baby, well baby nursery (includes transition period from birth to a couple hours after birth, newborn screens, and general nursery care), and special care nursery. I have...
  4. Needing clear cut advice on circumcision aftercare

    In the birth center where I work, aftercare varies slightly depending on the type of circ done. Gomco gets a large amount of Vaseline in the diaper (no gauze or other dressing), no pulling or cleaning besides water if necessary. Plastibell gets nothi...
  5. First patient lost

    My first was a neighbor. I was on my way to clinical and saw his wife trying to help him down the front steps to the car. Knowing this didn't look "right", I asked if I could help. He collapsed into me and I lost his heartbeat just as the ambulance w...
  6. prophesy test

    @nursingzzz I can't access it anymore. When you get the link to the test, and click on "begin test" or something similar, theres a message on the top of the page that says something to the effect of "Please look over the study guide in the link..."...
  7. prophesy test

    I took it this afternoon. It wasn't too bad, really. I would look at the guide that is posted with the test (or was for me, anyway) and refresh yourself on the topics given. Good luck!
  8. What does your username mean?

    First two letters in my husband's name, my name, and two of our three kids' names (the third came along a few years after we came up with it). Ga-Me-Ca-Co
  9. Kellogg Community College Part Time Nursing Program

    Not an applicant or KCC nurse, but an alumni of KCC prior to moving to GR to attend GVSU's nursing program! Just wanted to say good luck to a fellow Michigander and KCC student!
  10. Given the boot 2 weeks before graduation

    Good for you for keeping on it and not giving in! Congratulations!
  11. Anyone here going to be a winter 2018 Kirkhof College of Nursing graduate? Melissa
  12. Making it better

    Sorry, I should have elaborated. I realize I'm not special overall...I have been the oldest by many years in every single class I have taken since starting from scratch at a CC in 2012. I am 2 years older than 2 of my professors this term. Maybe I ju...
  13. Making it better

    I would typically agree. I only have 2 co-requisites left to take and won't start the BSN program until August....if I get in with my 3.4+ GPA (I know it isn't competitive. I'm thinking ahead because of this). That being said, I will have one clinic...
  14. Making it better

    I am a very non-traditional student. I am in my thirties, married, moved across state to attend university and have 2 kids, one of which is special needs. Anyway, I've truly busted my butt going to school. I graduated from CC with 3 associates degree...
  15. Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicant Support Group

    Tell us about the school you're applying to. I have applied to Grand Valley State University's January '16 start date for the BSN program. What pre-reqs are you completing? This term, I'm taking Human Genetics, Orgo and Bio Chem, Pathophysiology ...