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  1. Futurenerze

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    I took RN, but understand the main difference is the roles.
  2. Hello,

    I read some advice you commented on someone on here. I couldn’t have agreed with you, you are one pony to the T.

    I am struggling to pass NCLEX as well for the same reason.

    Can you please share what you used to study and how you studied? I would love to hear how you were successful. TIA

  3. Futurenerze

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    Hello Congratulations on passing! My story is similar, can you explain how did you study? Did you write down rationales? By systems? please share
  4. Hi.. 

    Taking the nclex in a couple of days and seen you posted (years ago) about how this site helped you so much. Do you mind sharing those tips/notes. Thanks 

  5. Futurenerze

    Pass thanks to a method after failing 4 times

    Can you please post the link to the website for NCLEX tutoring just to be sure I am going to the correct site? Thanks
  6. Futurenerze

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Congratulations Camille and everyone else who just passed NCLEX, good luck to those testing soon:) Help! I am testing in two weeks and would like to get some advise, what were your test strategies during the exam? Thank you in advance.
  7. Futurenerze

    TCU Fall 2014 Applicants

  8. Futurenerze

    TCU Fall 2014 Applicants

    I have been constantly checking my inbox and junk/spam folders. I'm just hoping this doesn't necessarily mean bad news.
  9. Futurenerze

    TCU Fall 2014 Applicants

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have applied through NursingCas by the deadline of February 1st and haven't even received information to log into my portal. Is anyone in this same position?