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  1. Meg8413

    CCRI Nursing Program

    You get used to it.
  2. Meg8413

    CCRI Nursing Program

    I am in the lincoln nights program now in 1020. I work full time... It's hard but doable. You just have to stay focused. Our schedule is tues and thurs 6-10 then every Monday clinical or lab 3-11 every other weekend 7-3 sat and sun. Be prepared to make changes to your schedule as needed and last min. Exams are usually at 5 and you need to be there by 445. I don't know what will be diff for you but that was how my schedule was.. Good luck!
  3. So excited!! See you tmrw my faceless friends
  4. Oh man that sucks!! I got billed for some of it. Apparently my insurance only covers half
  5. I'm so excited! First step! All my medical records say requirement met online and CPR all set. Now just need to learn more at orientation and start. Has everyone joined the ccri nursing group on fb?
  6. Does anyone else's blackboard say they aren't enrolled in any classes?
  7. Lol I hope so because my boss literally cut her vacation short so I could take that day off ( she's a saint) because we had too many ppl off that day. I don't wanna go back and tell her oops sry it's tues not Monday lol
  8. My friend Jess has also said this!!! It's annoying but I'm thankful I got in and I'm starting this journey. :)
  9. I hope not I need to request time off of work fir the orientation.
  10. I'm lincoln no email. But we've been able to register.
  11. I'm glad you guys finally got to register. I know u can't lose your spot but that would have drove me nuts! :)
  12. My friend had to go for a meeting for the same exact thing last year. She explained her story had all the documentation and they just laughed and said welcome to the program. I wouldn't worry. I'm sure it'll be fine
  13. I didn't think they called to have you meet with them unless there was something on your bci.
  14. I would call the nursing dept and ask