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  1. The majority of my coworkers are adhering to social distancing - taking it very seriously including not eating out, not having meals delivered at work, only going to work and back home. But we found out that a small group is out socializing during th...
  2. How sought after are Veterans Hospitals?

    I'm considering applying for an RN job at the VA Hospital. I am hearing that these positions are very difficult to get. Any suggestions on how I could increase my chances of getting an interview? Thanks
  3. How private is your triage?

    I think its surprising that hospitals aren't more concerned with protecting private health information in the triage setting. So much emphasis is putting on privacy ( minimizing computer screens, removing patient identifiers etc) yet its a free for a...
  4. CEN DVD For Sale

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  5. Alternative to shouting a name

    I think using a number would be best - but making it clear when the patient is assigned a number that it not sequential. So random numbers could be assigned - like 67, 4, 22, 952 - then patients would not correlate their number with the order in whi...
  6. How private is your triage?

    We are trying to start a new process of not having anyone but the patient (unless its a child) back to the triage area. Most staff and patients seem to be fine with it. It makes the process faster and less complicated without input from the visitors....
  7. How private is your triage?

    Just wondering how important is privacy in your triage area? Do you limit visitors? Close curtains? If a patient had a very personal complaint, could they describe it to you without others hearing it?
  8. ED staffing ratios

    In our dept the fast track area RN has 5 patients but they are all 4's and 5's. No easy 3's, no kidney stones, migraines, they don't even want the severe back pains. The rest of the dept is 4:1. We have been trying to get this better balanced. It see...
  9. RN to BSN Options

    I know somewhere on this site there must be a good thread on this subject but I cant find it! Im looking into more affordable online RN to BSN options. I was going to do WGU, but I would not be able to use the tuition reimbursement through my employe...
  10. Does the ER get easier or is it time to call it quits?

    Stick it out for a year. I lost track of how many times I almost quit, walked out in tears and felt like I was never going to manage 4 patients. 6 yrs later - I still have days I struggle. But I am so glad that people encouraged me to stay.
  11. Decreasing Falls in the ED

    Not so well! But it also prompts the RN to identify that the patient is high risk and implement precautions - leave curtain open, offer toileting, bed alarm, siderails up etc.. The contract always has to be addressed - so the RN, at a minimum, need...
  12. Decreasing Falls in the ED

    A written agreement for high risk patients to sign that states they agree to use their call bell to ask for assistance. Time consuming, but reduced our falls.
  13. What if I chose wrong?!

    #1 will earn you a lot of respect and improve your chance of success!
  14. 67 Medications Every New ER Nurse Must Master!

    Our ED does still use it. But it's our older docs that order it. It is linked to fatalities related to mesenteric ischemia. From what I understand, the pathophys has not been established but there is enough research out there that many docs don't w...
  15. Heavily considering change to Day shift

    I worked night shift for about 2 yrs. I took a few weeks off as you did. I didn't realize how crappy I felt until I started sleeping 7-8 hrs every night. As soon as I went back to work I requested a move to days - and was fortunate enough to get it. ...