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  1. I am in the same page did finally get license , any idea what to fill out the line 5
  2. pdb660

    Question about LPN endorsement from NJ to NY

    hello i had the same question i am licensed in PA and Florida , i am stuck with section or line 5 icensing /certifying authority? should be NY or my previous states Licenses from FL and PA????????
  3. pdb660

    I PASSED MY EXAM!!! Thank you God!

    Congratulations. That pass in the screen is a blessing I faint when I saw mine too thanks God and saints. RN licenced.
  4. pdb660

    Passed NCLEX in 75 questions!

    I follow your advise and passed ,,,, last 25th September i Took the test 2nd time , and passed in 75 Q thanks , highly recommend Kaplan review of content and stratergies and online Q Banks and Q trainers and resourses as well , Good luck to all of you in take your Nclex .
  5. pdb660

    Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

    Today I found out that I passed my NCLEX RN exam in 75 Questions I thanks God and this forum and participants for their approaches and good advices and guidance to pass .thanks God I just need my second try to pass .for me to follow the detailed ncbsn study plan review the Kaplan videos LOD (LESSONS ON DEMAND ) especially the test workshop and part of the content in their 35 h video tutorials was great . And also complete the qbanks fron Kaplan online was great some of their questions are bizzard but I think kaplan is the critical thinking skills you need to approach the questions in real NCLEX . To be able to answer high level questios like sellect all that apply and some particular procedures to order in drag and drop question is good to review content from Saunders book I used all the resourses available I copied all the Kaplan lessons in 2 CD's in mp3 format and I heard those while driving to gain time and memorize basics if still in doubt go to e-book Saunders all is in there .but the most usefull resource and ordered in areas of content according to deal with the BOARD Kaplan 90% in the q banks seccion I did around 60 ,% overall 64% not much but some of their questions are pretty encrypted even if you master the content so I just review questions again and right and wrong questions sometimes you just guess but you need to know why did you guess it helpssssss a lol .. usually critical thinking is just association of synonymous of signs and symptoms related to one diseased process be acutely with grammar and gramatical times to approach priority questions . Nowadays SATA questions are in there for tons 3-4 in a row trust me ..I had to made breathing exercise to relieve my anxiety during the test . Close my eyes and Pray ..pray and faith in this exam is key . Good luck to all of you in your exam .you can do it too ..english in my case is my second language.
  6. pdb660

    Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

    Now Florida board of nursing just allow you to take it 2 times because if you go beyond 6 months and not schedule for the test before you have to go remediation program .
  7. pdb660

    Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

    I have kaplan available access can you provide a link to those videos . Are by chance LOD . Test taking workshop and content review videos ???
  8. pdb660

    Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

    Good approach. Very helpful thanks

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