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  1. LadyPotter

    What should I have done about super low O2 levels?

    In any instance like that notify your clinical instructor or the Nurse immediately. I mean its okay (for now) now that you know, you wont let that happen again, right? so its a lesson. like the previous person said : "Often nursing students notice little things that busy nurses miss and can help prevent a bad outcome." tis true :)
  2. I really love how supportive everyone is on this site.
  3. This might be a dumb question, but just wondering if ATI has helped you while youre in nursing school or how has it helped you. I am starting clinicals and still getting used to this program. I have heard some mixed reviews about how its helped ppl at my school to be successful or not.
  4. LadyPotter

    What did you do in the ER today?

    Oooo i like this topic, we should do this for all types of nurses!
  5. LadyPotter

    Chamberlain College, Arlington VA campus

    any updates?
  6. LadyPotter

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Arlington Campus

    A lot of people from Chamberlain say its best if you do your pre-reqs at comm college or state school first before going there to say money. you'll be saving a lot.
  7. LadyPotter

    Officially a nursing student!!!

    congratulations, starting my second semester this fall! woot woot :)
  8. LadyPotter

    Best Nursing School Stethoscope?

    I've got a Littman Classic II and it works great! I would take someone else's advice about bringing someone with you and listening to their heart sounds
  9. Whoa whoa, yes ICU is by far the most draining and exhausting place to be, but there are tons of nurses (ICU Rns included) that recommend that unit for shy or introverted people. So I don't think he meant to offend anyone...
  10. ICU would be perfect for ya
  11. LadyPotter

    Best advice I ever got!!!

    Yup, this was me. I had to correct my ways fast the minute I got into my nursing program!
  12. LadyPotter

    Best advice I ever got!!!

    Very true! I did this method and recieved a high B in a tough course.
  13. LadyPotter

    When are you officially a nursing student?

    As soon as I got my acceptance letter into NS! It grinds my gears when Pre-Nursing students call themselves nursing students I always address myself as a pre-nursing student before getting in.
  14. I got a C+ in AP1. Then when I took AP2, I failed with a C- and got a B+ the second time. I've gotten accepted into a nursing program. But in my other sciences, I got B's. Like the other posts, being a C student wont really help you once you get into the program. It's staying in the program that's the hard part. I had to completely get out of that mindset and change my study habits. I could no longer "wing" it. I actually have to work my butt off and put the work in
  15. LadyPotter

    Nclex Mastery App

    Has anyone used this app? What do you guys think of it?
  16. LadyPotter

    Review Books?

    What review books would you recommend while taking Pediatric nursing? Which worked for you and which did you like or didnt like.