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  1. katdog26

    Looking for current info on Miss Coast hospitals please!

    Average pay for your experience is probably around $21-25/hr depending on what hospital you go to. Hancock medical center is west of Gulfport and is currently being managed by Oschner out of New Orleans. They are always looking for nurses but they will probably be on the lower end of pay as well. They are small and have been going through a lot of changes. Memorial in Gulfport is larger and just recently switched to Cerner computerized charting and also expanding so they are also going through change but in a good way. Biloxi regional and garden park are somewhat smaller but both have pretty good reputations. No agency work that I've every seen in this area but if you don't mind driving 30 minutes Slidell, LA hires traveling nurses and the pay in LA is a lot higher and I was told they are a walk through state which I guess means you apply and get your license in the same day. Hope this helps!
  2. katdog26

    ER vs. Pre/post-op Nursing

    Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of leaving the ER PRN and going into Pre-op/post-op PRN. I am looking for better hours and "controlled chaos" and hoping to find that in pre/post-op. Anyone have any experience with transferring from one to the other? What were your thoughts on pre-op/post-op nursing vs. ER? How well does it look on resume to have experience in pre-op/post-op vs. longer ER experience? My husband travels so we might be moving and I'm not sure if having a diverse background in nursing is better than having longevity in one area. Any input is appreciated!
  3. katdog26

    Questionable practices at new hospital

    Well, yes and no. I was informed over text message my rate of pay. But only afterwards did I realize that that was one flat rate. Shame on me for not asking more questions.
  4. katdog26

    florida hospital or orlando health for new grad pay

    I completed the EDNIP program with Florida Hospital 2 years ago. I have my ADN with a Bachelors in Health so I qualified for the BSN pay scale. I was started at $22.23 with diff of 2.6% and 3.3%. Honestly if you are only interested in who pays 5 cents more you are not thinking about your career correctly. If you get offered a position take it! Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. If you don't feel you can handle the EDNIP position ask about trying another floor. They want to keep you if you are a hard worker and honest so don't feel bad about not loving what you initially got hired for. We had some nurses go to Peds, PCU and Peds ER after starting EDNIP because it just wasn't what they envisioned and that's ok. My only advice is to make sure you are ready to stay with them for 2 years because it is hell trying to break your contract. They will make you repay every bit you have left if you leave early and it's not cheap. Each year they revise their contracts so don't just go on what someone told you....READ YOUR CONTRACT! It was a great experience....HARD! but worth it. I learned so much and I am such a stronger nurse from going through EDNIP.
  5. katdog26

    Florida RN license by endorsement

    I've found that if you call the nursing board directly you can speak to a live person and they should be able to answer your questions. Hope this helps! Florida Board of Nursing » Help Center - Licensing, Renewals & Information
  6. katdog26

    Moving to orlando - insight on local hospitsls?

    Orlando Health just had some major issues with their CEO and have laid off over 400 employees since last year and cut pay for many of the nurses. There is a lot of tension from what I've heard there. It sounds like they are trying to repair the damage she made so maybe good for you as a new person coming? Florida Hospital is good to their employees and you have a lot of options when it comes to different campuses...they have over 7 just in Central Florida. But with such a large company comes the bureaucracy. They are also SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) so if you have an issue with religion and healthcare being intertwined this might not be the company for you. CEO Sherrie Sitarik leaves Orlando Health after rocky year - Orlando Sentinel
  7. katdog26

    Looking for current info on Miss Coast hospitals please!

    I live down here on the coast. We have Hancock Medical, Garden Park, Biloxi Regional, Memorial and Keesler just to name a few. What kind of hospital are you looking for?

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