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mermer_rn has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med-Surg Tele.

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  1. mermer_rn

    Interpreting New Director Behavior/Personality

    Yeah, we have not gotten raises in the 2 years I have worked here. It wouldn't be a big deal to be asked to pick up holidays and to decline because of lack of holiday pay, bit to be told that I am GOING to be working holidays with no holiday pay real...
  2. mermer_rn

    Feel like I'm handling this pandemic as well as others

    Thank you. I need to look into support or some of the free counseling services. My hospital has quickly and quietly gone for profit and most of the few benefits as a PRN employee I had access to are gone...including holiday pay, weekend rate pay and ...
  3. My work-life has been turned upside down. I went PRN in my position and have found myself floating all over, largely to COVID units. My state, like many others, has a large and frightening uptick in cases and hospitalizations. Last shift one of my pa...
  4. mermer_rn

    IV spa/infusion center

    agreed. Assumptions and reprove...critical and skeptical is different.
  5. mermer_rn

    Complaints of Complaining

    I sat down and did some research, as I should have to begin with, and you are correct. It is written in their contract that you sign upon employment, that you are not to discuss salaries, but it's not enforceable. However, I live in an "at will" st...
  6. mermer_rn

    Complaints of Complaining

    My facility has now implemented a "no complaining policy" and have hung up signs that say "no complaining zone" and the like. They furloughed a ton of staff and took away the yearly extra shift bonuses that the nurses worked their butts off to earn ...
  7. mermer_rn

    Terrible experience with nursing staff

    I am merely shedding light on my experience with a culture that may be similar to the one I experienced. I am by no means agreeing or disagreeing with it and I felt my response was phrased pretty unbiased. The culture in which I lived it was consider...
  8. We have been having an influx of younger (25-45 years old) coming into the ER and being admitted as abs because they are flu positive, febrile, reports of rigors at home and surprise, surprise a slightly elevated lactic acid with chest x-ray ordered ...
  9. mermer_rn

    Current Struggles as a New Grad

    Just know that everything you are experiencing is so common and so normal. Forget-fullness and not being able to latch onto details I find is common for new grad or transitioning RN because you are overwhelmed and essentially almost always in flight...
  10. mermer_rn

    What’s changed since 2004?

    patients are sicker and nurse to patient ratios are worse, you are also now expected to do the many tasks that a secretary would have done (unless you are lucky enough to work somewhere with one), Nurse Assistants are a dying breed as well....they do...
  11. mermer_rn

    Terrible experience with nursing staff

    I will say that I lived in another country for five years that was some what underdeveloped and had universal type healthcare and had my baby there. It's a very different idea of healthcare as well as the influence from the culture seems...
  12. mermer_rn

    Nursing and loneliness

    I'm pretty introverted, which I'm sure is another factor adding to loneliness at this time...but I know I need people in my tribe, so I'm going to make an effort to put myself out there more. I need to think of a way to have a get together.
  13. mermer_rn

    Nursing and loneliness

    Very true...I guess I didn't think about all the factors I have at this time in my life. I need to put myself out there a bit more I think.
  14. mermer_rn

    Trading scripts for Meth A Nurse Practitioner in Tulsa Oklahoma was arrested for trading a prescription for xanex for Meth to an under cover officer. She was the owner and sole pr...
  15. mermer_rn

    Nursing and loneliness

    I haven't seen a topic specifically addressing the loneliness that being a nurse can bring. I am a military spouse and therefore move around more frequently than the average person may. I have always found friends in my coworkers or neighbors, with...