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  1. Mine's currently under consideration! Do we know approximately when we'll hear back for the first interview?
  2. Has anyone heard back or received an email regarding an interview from this hospital yet?
  3. mmw

    Pcc to Uci nursing

    Im currently attend Pasadena City College and planning to transfer to UCI for their nursing program. On assist.org it says there are 3 no course articulated (Genetics, Biochem, and public health). I can take public health through Access Uci but I can't find any colleges near me that offers genetics and biochem. What if I don't finish all my prereqs before I apply even if it says I must complete it? Am I even allowed to apply if I don't complete everything or will it lower my chances? How do other people accomplish this if I do have to complete everything? Thank you in advance!
  4. mmw

    Pcc vs San Diego Mesa college

    Thank you for your time! (:
  5. mmw

    Pcc vs San Diego Mesa college

    Pcc and uci are in the tag program which is transfer admission guarantee. I believe I would have to apply for that later. And I want to go to uci for their nursing program Do you know if I can get guaranteed classes at Mesa? If not how difficult is it to get classes?
  6. Hello! After being reluctant to go to a cc I've finally decided on going to Pasadena city college until I was told of San Diego Mesa college. I'm highly considering sd because I want to have that college experience where as if I were to go to Pcc I would have to live at home. San Diego Mesa doesn't have nursing but does it matter because I'm going to transfer to uci anyways? For Pcc I got to their pathways program which guarantees me my classes. I don't know about Mesa though. I just want to make the most out of it if I'm going to a cc and I want to transfer smoothly.
  7. Thank you so very much for all the responses!!!! This really makes me happier after reading all the replies I'm getting. I'm most likely going to go to Pcc now (hopefully everything goes smoothly). I'm definitely a fan of this site and all the people who are helping each other out. Im so grateful! Thank you (:
  8. Wow, thank you so much! I feel as if pcc would be a better choice but I still really wanted that "college experience" that everyone else is going to get.
  9. Transfer and 2nd Baccalaureate Applicant Information â€" Nursing Science http://cnasstudent.ucr.edu/files/uci.pdf Some of the courses are at ucr. Check the two sites I linked. For the remainder courses, can I take them at a cc? Does that work? Can I go to ucr for a year then pcc then uci?
  10. Nursing and to have a BSN. Would I have to do the TAG thing with my community college? But can I major in biology and take some of the prerequisites there? For csula, could I still transfer from there to uci? I'm not sure how hard it is for me to transfer from school to school. Is there really no possible way for me to go from ucr to uci?
  11. I'm a senior in high school and I got into UCR (Undeclared-life sciences. college of natural and agricultural science) and CSULA (Undeclared interest in nursing). I was originally planning to go to UCI and then transfer into their program (assuming that i didn't get into their program as a freshman) but that didn't happen. I got rejected from uci. I saw on their site that transfers accepted are 16% rather than 4% for freshmens. UCR doesn't have a nursing program but on this site http://www.biology.ucr.edu/academic_programs/major.html STATES THAT: In some programs such as physical therapy, nursing and dental hygiene, the student may complete two or three years here and then transfer to a professional school offering more specialized training and course work for the baccalaureate degree. The lower-division requirements for the Biology major prepare students to take the specific upper-division courses required for admission to the professional schools in the allied health area. Not all the courses listed above are required by each type of professional school. A course in nutrition is usually required by nursing schools. This can probably be met by BCH 010 (Introduction to Nutrition). Students wishing to obtain their degree in biology at UCR before transferring should select additional upper-division course work in biology and related fields appropriate for the career objective. So maybe I could go to UCR, request for a change in major to biology then take some prerequisites? I also heard its harder to transfer from UC to UC. I was leaning more towards UCR because I wanted that "college experience" of having a roommate and everything. OR Go to csula then transfer to uci. The major i got in doesn't really mean much until I apply for csula's nursing program right? Either way that's probably going to take a long time and it's also selective 10-12% I think? OR Go to pcc a community college, get my prerequsites done then transfer to uci. HOWEVER, even if i do go to pcc and get into uci after 2 years, what if I don't get into their nursing program? what happens then?? PLEASE HELP!! I'm lost and no one seems to have the answer.