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  1. Search on FB: Cedars-Sinai New Grad RN Residency Program October 2019
  2. Oh yeah I meant I interviewed for surgical step down but nothing in the email
  3. no i think it might be individual because my friend received it earlier than me (might be the same lag time as invites to the in-person interview) surgical stepdown
  5. check your emails!!
  6. do we know how many people they're planning to hire for this cohort?
  7. i got asked like 6-8 questions from this sheet so it felt like rapid fire
  8. good luck everyone! let's put our best foot forward!
  9. just wanted to say best of luck to everyone tomorrow and i can't wait to meet some incredible people!
  10. I want to say this is the last hurdle but idk if it mightve changed since I know previous cohorts had some assessment test but it seems like they stopped it?
  11. Also does anyone know how the interview works? As in is it a panel or a 1:1?
  12. That sounds pretty hopeful? The more I want something the more nervous I get so there's that.
  13. Thank you so much!! Does anyone know how many people are being accepted for this cohort?
  14. same! can't wait to meet new people!
  15. same!! its coming out in chunks! what time is your interview?
  16. what does your online portal say?