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Hunter'sMom has 29 years experience and specializes in endcrinology, peds.

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  1. Hunter'sMom

    Your Uniform....

    I love to wear "my scrubs/PJ's" to school
  2. Hunter'sMom

    Online RN school???

    Please be sure your State Board of Nursing accepts Excelsior. A friend was accepted and took several classes on-line ($$$$$). Not long after the state board (Virginia) would no longer give accreditation to Excelsior. She was only able to re-coup abo...
  3. Hunter'sMom

    They're gone!!

    Jealous!!!! 9 more days to go
  4. Hunter'sMom

    I got the job!

    Wonderful news!!!! Good luck
  5. Hunter'sMom

    Countdown Time

    We have 21 more days left, we always go until the middle of June, seniors graduate on 6-18. I graduated from this school system the first week of June... but we did not have spring break "back in the day". The entire school gets restless between...
  6. Hunter'sMom

    Do you notice trends with your student visits?

    yes, they watched a You Tube video. We actually did the program at my school in 2013.
  7. Hunter'sMom

    Do you notice trends with your student visits?

    I am very grateful our biology teachers do NOT have that type of reptile in their classes! Todays repetitive visits are based on the Every 15 minutes program. I understand the need for it, my only complaint is the snowball affect it creates on th...
  8. Hunter'sMom

    Happy school nurse's day!

    Happy School Nurses Day, I hope everyone gets the recognition they so deserve!!!!!