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  1. AnonymousLPN

    RN with Athabasca

    As far as I know all of the classes are online. The best example I can give of the difference between the RN and my LPN program: the A & P textbook used by my LPN program was 490 pages. The A & P textbook for the RN program is 1200 pages.
  2. AnonymousLPN

    RN with Athabasca

    I just started with the Cluster A courses this month. So far, I am finding them quite a bit more challenging than the LPN program.
  3. I am considering the post LPN Bachelor of Nursing program at Athabasca. However, I don't live in Alberta. My question is for anyone outside of Alberta who went through the Athabasca program. Did you have any difficulty getting licensed in your...
  4. I grew up with a rather volatile stepfather. It was best not to anger him. I think that is the root of my too nice; not wanting to anger or upset; worrying what others think issues. 25+ years of adulthood just can't seem to change the patterns lea...
  5. I can identify. I know that I am not good at advocating for myself; am too "nice" and worried what others will think. If I could change one thing about myself it would be this.
  6. AnonymousLPN

    What did you do before nursing?

    Voc Rehab Caseworker Assisted Living Administrator for a developmental disabilities agency State Nursing Home and ALF Surveyor
  7. AnonymousLPN

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Add me to the grossed out by trachs club. Don't like doing bed baths either. They are tedious. People always want them in the morning when I am trying to pass 0800 and 1000 meds.
  8. AnonymousLPN

    BE HONEST! What part of your job do you hate?

    Sputum. What I hate most though, is the anxiety. Nursing is a 2nd career for me and I haven't been at it long enough to feel comfortable. Every shift I wonder if this will be the shift when I make a simple human error and harm someone with meds;...
  9. Just curious...I have six years of university education (non-nursing) and I am an LPN. So where do I fit in in terms of "2 extra years in university teach you to think differently"? As I have six years, does that mean I am an LPN who thinks like an...