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  1. snow22

    "You can't call off!"

    Your circumstances are a bit different from mine I'm sure. Do you go across a bridge into a state where you don't know anyone or can readily get help? I will not pay extra money to go into a motel/hotel when I have a perfectly comfortable bed at home. Sorry if you feel that makes me a worse person or selfish. I also stated it was ICE with mixes of snow in there. Snow was covering ice situation. They had managers to work when there are emergency situations, its the managers who aren't willing to work the floor and therefore were attempting to get me to travel in dangerous conditions. Sorry I want to live and be alive to take care of residents? Or at the very least not get into a car accident with a car I'm still paying off loans for? It was a single day. They managed to get the people they needed that lived much closer and were in a better position to come in. Also what do you feel commenting something like you did will change the past and/or situation? I'm done with the job that takes me almost an hour to get to and am moving to one that is closer. Good lord, I come to this site for guidance and I feel like all I get sometimes is trivial stuff like "im not sure where you live but 3 inches is a snowstorm." Okay but that wasn't the point, I was asking for guidance not judgement. But now its over and the situation is done and what happened happened. I was worried. It was nothing to worry about and I realize that now. I had the whole weekend to fret over something that wasn't anything. I won't ever call off again unless it's an emergency. I never did and I won't again.
  2. snow22

    How to be the best LTC Nurse I can be

    CNAs can be your best friend or worst enemy, but in the end they are your eyes, ears, nose and sometimes voice. You'll need to figure out their likes and dislikes and RESPECT them, make sure they know their job but also be sure to offer help/support frequently. Be sure to know your own limits. Don't let managers work you overtime if you don't want it. Be honest. If you need help follow the chain of command. Do everything you can to make sure you have very little to pass onto the next shift (it changes from shift to shift such as days: do appointments, call labs in, make sure dialysis pts get to their treatments...eves make sure all your admission paperwork gets done and people are down for bed...nights make sure to do charting corrections and make sure people are up and dressed for day shift) If it gets overwhelming, try to remember priorities: ABCs, then pain, then paperwork and charting (LOL). LTC isn't the prettiest nursing, but we are respected a lot by others for what we do on a daily basis. It's not easy to go in and see older people in constant pain/depressed/angry about things not to mention family members up your bum about very silly things and the occasional dire emergency. Not to mention most places do not do 12 hour shifts (as far as where I am at least) and doing the same thing day to day to day can get you discouraged. Be sure to find something you can rely on to pull you out of funky weeks. Exercise, religious activities, hobbies...etc PS: Don't let people push you around either. If you feel you are doing too much for your position, kindly talk to your administrator to evaluate your duties. I was a great nurse at my last facility, worked there for almost a year and a half but the poor attitudes from managers, the lack of training for new nurses and CNAs, and the fact that I was doing three jobs in one (i was literally the secretary for the phones on weekends, considering nobody else would answer calls omg) made it unbearable. When the administrator continued to make promises but didn't back them up, I knew it was time to leave. Two weeks given and I RAN. Good luck, much love.
  3. snow22

    "You can't call off!"

    The ice storm did hit and made it unable to travel with frequent bursts of snow in between the three inches we managed to get. So, yes, I would have rather stayed home and been safe other than travel across a river to another city in another state where the closest relative or friend to me is 45 mins away and potential get hurt/get into an accident. When it comes down to it, my safety and my life are above all else because in the end when I leave my job at the end of a shift that's what I have to deal with. I don't think that its selfish of me to say that either... I'm a newly married woman who is looking into attempting to have a family someday. I am young and a bit too cautious at times. I am a caring, kind, helpful person however I work to live and not the other way around. Yes, it wasn't right of me to call off. It wasn't right of the managers to expect me to continue to clean up their messes and expect me to train them. It wasn't right that I stayed for 20 hours every time I did a double because other people were irresponsible and did not show up on time, without punishment or correction. I am a floor nurse. I want to do my job, make sure it gets done right, and go home within a reasonable time frame. I am not going to let a few days of scolding and animosity seriously shy me away from doing this. I worked my two weeks fine without any other issues. I am starting a new job closer to home tomorrow as of the time I am typing this. Hopefully being on a different shift time and a different location will help me in the long run. I have only been a nurse for two years now and I already know the problems that come with it. I'm ready to face them head on, with the assistance of others for the time being. I'm attempting to become independent, which is why I ask for help and guidance from older nurses on this site. Thank you for your input and wisdom. If it comes down to it again in the future I'll just do what is best for the situation at the time.
  4. snow22

    "You can't call off!"

  5. snow22

    "You can't call off!"

    So here's my scenario: I'm about ready to go to a new nursing facility. My two weeks was placed last Thursday (despite me not having vacation time or sick time). I have only this week left at my current job place. Earlier this week I called off due to having a car emergency. Today I was literally on the brink of going to the hospital today due to my anxiety...which has flared up a lot due to inclement weather and my drive (which is about 40 mins at best). My family was begging me not to go in and do a double tomorrow. I gave proper notice to my scheduler and proceeded to call my DON My DON refused to give me the day off...at first. I proceeded to put my foot down without being rude and finally told her I will need the day off and will not be coming in. Between having 2 inches of ice incoming and being so mentally unwell from verbal abuse from manager and tired I can hardly keep myself awake during work. She stated I was not caring enough for the residents by not being there...which I feel is inappropriate of her considering I have never called off unless there is an emergency or I'm deadly ill. I seriously need a mental health break and I fear for my safety. I was honest with her and my scheduler. I gave them time to fill my spot and I will be finishing my shifts. Was this the right thing to do? I'm very scared they will fire me and I'll have a bad mark on my history as a nurse. I'm also worried I will be bullied this last week of finishing my two week notice.
  6. snow22

    Prayer for the Day

    I say a simple prayer every day while coming into work: God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah anyone who will listen please... 1.) Don't let me bump heads with the therapists today...I love them dearly but lord almighty... 2.) Please let me be able to get a lunch without being disturbed or pulled away from my food 3.) Please let all the doctors call back on time 4.) Please let the family members be in good moods 5.) Please let the managers also be in good moods 6.) Please make sure the previous shift did their work 7.) All meds, no death, no emergencies, adequate staffing Amen I hope this helps all who are going in today...whether or not you've been having it rough or easy! Stay strong LTC/Rehab nurses!
  7. snow22

    We are human too

    I say a simple prayer every day while coming into work: God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah anyone who will listen please... 1.) Don't let me bump heads with the therapists today...I love them dearly but lord almighty... 2.) Please let me be able to get a lunch without being disturbed or pulled away from my food 3.) Please let all the doctors call back on time 4.) Please let the family members be in great moods 5.) Please let the managers also be in good moods 6.) Please make sure the previous shift did their work 7.) All meds, no death, no emergencies, adequate staffing Amen
  8. snow22

    Nursing Home Geriatric nursing

    I'm looking to get out now after being at my facility for a year and a few months now and here's why: 1.) Toxic environment. 2.) Lack of teamwork. -The managers don't come to the floor and beg workers who are on 14-20 day stretches of regular shifts to fill in open spots. The laundry isn't doing their work, it's like pulling teeth asking maintenance and housekeeping to do their jobs and CNAs have crappy attitudes. 3.) Overall admission of inappropriate patients. I am sick of my half of the facility being called rehab. Over 70% of the people on "rehab" are actually long term care and there are very intense psych issues going on with a few individuals. 4.) RN/LPN abuse. This one is self-explanatory. The RNs and LPNs working here just get the butt end of everything. Patients having monetary issues? Social worker isn't available 90 percent of the time. Your patient had an accident and needs to be cleaned? Good luck finding your aide! They place 20-25 very intense patients on us for 8 hours and expect everything to be done in 8 hours. I'm talking bad wounds, pain management that needs hourly assessments, breakdown, failure to thrive, psych, addictions, strokes, gtubes and vents!! seriously!! 5.) Communication SUCKS-I broke down and cried while a usually calm resident broke down as well yesterday...because of the lack of communication and coordination of team members she had not gotten changed or her food for several hours. I am very upset in the lack of care due to communication issues right now. *sorry had to vent sorry*
  9. snow22

    Admission Skin Assessments

    Holy crap I feel your pain!! I just started working day shift at my facility because I was attempting to avoid the admission process but they are starting to throw admissions on us ON DAY SHIFT! Working 8 hours on days, with managers and therapists throwing you five different ways and hospital-grade patients plus an admission?? I haven't left on time since the holidays started...thank goodness those are done too! Most the time I do a full skin assessment with a therapist or a CNA while they are working on getting through their day because I know if my shift doesn't get it done, the next shift will not be willing to do it. The therapists want to throw a hundred things on me? I'll just bite back haha! (kidding love my therapists)
  10. I'm a 23 year old nurse. I make decent money being a charge nurse for a rehab and long term care job. The company i work for is not based in the state I work in, and things have been a bit shaky. We have a new director of nursing and a new administrator who are determined to clean the place up figuratively and literally. My mother has been urging me to try and start finding "better jobs" such as with the VA or in a hospital. But I'm not really sure if that's what I want. In fact I'm pretty happy right now. I feel confused for being complacent. I have a brand new house, a brand new car and I'm getting married soon! I'm not sure if I'm worried I won't enjoy something else, but every time I've tried to see what I would like beyond this it just doesn't seem to work out. I thought school nursing would be my dream job but I didn't like it at all! Med/surg wasn't my thing and it doesn't seem like anyone wants to touch me unless I have experience in something other than LTC/Rehab which is what I've been doing for almost a year now. I came right back to the place I'm still working at now, luckily with all my benefits and vacation time in tow after two months of trying another kind of nursing. I'm just conflicted regarding my comfort zone. On one hand I feel badly because I'm not making effort to move to opportunities. On the other hand I'm really happy right now and I'm worried I won't be at all if I do decide to jump ship. Any suggestions? And please no rude/unhelpful comments regarding how selfish I might be or how I'm not smart for not trying different things. I'm just looking for someone who might feel the same way or who has stayed somewhere they enjoyed. For all the stress and staffing problems, I really think LTC is where I belong.
  11. Hello fellow LTC nurses. I am curious. I really want to try to move on from it, eventually, but I really love my job so far! I enjoy the routine and I enjoy knowing my residents by name. I once worked at an acute setting, in a medsurg unit but found that the pacing was not fit for my personality. The only things I find that can be troubling is the lack of teamwork in my facility (whether or not this a problem across the board is questionable) and the fighting with physicians regarding things such as pain medications...which I've read in several other posts is common in this section of nursing. Is there something similar to LTC care that I can try? I've thought about going back to school and getting my masters for education, and becoming a geriatric educator at a college. However I want my options to be very open. Thanks for your help!
  12. snow22

    What if nursing doesn't work?

    It could be too that maybe clinical nursing might not be the right fit but I can't think of what I'd like to do or even how I'd get into something beyond working on a floor or in LTC. I used to want to work on a Peds floor with rehab care-specifically Shriners. I can do charting fine, and I am caring and compassionate enough. But something's not clicking quite right and I just hope it does soon otherwise that dream is down the pipes.
  13. snow22

    What if nursing doesn't work?

    Unfortunatly I enjoy what I get paid as a nurse lol. I feel I am caring and compassionate enough but its the confidence and time management that's biting me in the rear right now and I'm very nervous that it won't ever "come to me" as people have told me time and time again. I worked my bottom off on a medsurg floor at a hospital but they never saw me "get my own routine" so just kept putting me on orientation week after week after week and I just couldn't improve. Now I'm on LTC with 16-20 patients at a time but routine meds and patients... I very much dislike being young and inexperienced. I feel like i ask questions that I should know the answers to. Thank you for your comment though, the last part did make me chuckle! It's been a rough day.
  14. snow22

    What if nursing doesn't work?

    Pretty much just that honestly. I've only been a nurse three months but already I'm starting to fear that I may not always be happy with it. I don't want to be on my feet for the rest of my life. I think I'm going to try for another year and see how I feel after that. After hearing about what my fiance does regarding programming I might just try that lol. But I would really like to try doing nclex prep/nurse teaching because I feel like I would understand that better. I'm in LTC right now. I tried med/surg and I wasn't fond of it. I originally wanted to be a peds nurse with rehab care but im not even sure how to start tackling that or even if I would enjoy it as much as I think I would. I start my LTC job by myself tomorrow and I'm just not feeling very confident about it right now and my family has noticed I've not been very happy being a nurse since I graduated. Maybe things will fall out and I'll love it! But at this point I'm just a bit unsure. Blame age, inexperience...I just hope for the best right now cause I need it to work out until I can go back to college.
  15. snow22

    What if nursing doesn't work?

    I hate to think like this but this has been a reoccurring question: What if I truly cannot be happy with an RN/BSN degree? I'm scared to go back to college for anything completely different. I was hoping to go back to masters school next fall to start working towards an Nurse Educator degree however I feel that business might be something that interests me...what can I do to follow this but not have a complete career change?? Thank you in advanced for advice/suggestions.
  16. snow22

    Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    No and I explained to the DON twice what occurred and she was under the impression that I was the one in the wrong here because the significant other made some untrue and rude comments about my care regarding that patient. I've left that job for that reason plus a not so supportive team...and a few other hundred reasons. I'm in LTC/rehab care now and it seems to be a lot less violent at the facility I work in. But now I know what do to in that kind of situation!