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  1. Has anyone applied or has been accepted to the UT Tyler Graduate NursingMasters of Science in Nursing Informatics, Quality & Safety (MSN-IQS) program? I’m interested in applying but I don’t know anyone who has been to this program?
  2. Thinking about getting out of nursing.

    Glad Im not the only one who feels this way. I know 11 years is a real long time but i did a few different nursing jobs so thats what kept me going. I think im pretty good at what i do I just I think really needed to take time away to really decide w...
  3. UT Houston (Fall 2014 applicants)

    Does anyone know what the class schedule for the FNP program at UTHSC in houston is like. Is this a hybrid program where you go to school on campus once a week then do the rest online or is it classes everyday of the week?
  4. I have been a nurse for 11 years and think I want to get out for good. I have a BSN and I am thinking in getting my masters in a different area. I really enjoy science so I was thinking about getting a Masters degree in public health with a focus on ...
  5. Do you enjoy being a nurse?

    Ever since I graduated from nursing school I have never really been happy with nursing. Ive tried different areas but I feel I made the wrong career choice and Im thinking of changing careers. Its scary to change careers since Ive been a nurse for 11...