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  1. LowkeyJ

    taking NCLEX pn again!

    Just received the bad letter but hey I am ready to move on and study, study, study. just wondering if UWorld is any good? also any recommendations on review classes here in LA as well on what books to use??? Thank you.
  2. LowkeyJ

    Exam Cram or Saunders??

    Need opinions please. have not taken the NCLEX-PN since '12. this will be my 4th time. =(
  3. LowkeyJ

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Hello! Can you please send me the review paper please? jarrell.ignacio@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  4. LowkeyJ


    Thank you! I think I will start using the newest edition on the Saunders for my studies.
  5. LowkeyJ

    Need help!

    Hello everyone! I am so stressed out on what to study on. I have not taken the NCLEX-PN over a year ago and i want to take the test again. But since I have not been on it for a long time, idk what books to study on??
  6. LowkeyJ


    Sorry for the really really late reply. Thank you so much!
  7. LowkeyJ


    Hello everyone, I have taken the NCLEX-PN 3 times already and last time I took it was a year ago. I really really want to take it again but I am afraid of failing again =(. I need some help on some study tips and what books to study on??? thanks everyone