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  1. strubes

    UNMC Scholarships?

    Yeah, I filled it out but was surprised by that as well. It was all yes/no or residency information. Based on that I assume they go off of GPA but I have no idea. Financial aid just said to make sure I fill out the app and I'll know by July. They're quite vague about everything it seems...
  2. strubes

    UNMC Scholarships?

    I was wondering if anyone knew about scholarships given out by UNMC for traditional BSN students. Unlike other schools, they do not list scholarships available and the criteria one must meet. Any current or past UNMC students that received scholarships and know what is required? I have a 3.83 cumulative GPA and volunteer and work experience, as well as high level of need ($0 EFC on FAFSA). However I will already have a B.A. when the program begins this fall, thus no longer being eligible for Pell Grant. Getting worried about cost after seeing fees for classes, books, etc.!
  3. strubes

    UNMC Traditional BSN 2014 Acceptance?

    My email never notified me that anyone replied, but I received my email the 13th as well! I'll be on the Omaha Campus :) So excited (and nervous!).
  4. Has anyone here received word from UNMC about either acceptance/denial to the Traditional BSN program? It says that they will make decisions and notify by mid-march, which is approaching quickly. I've already bothered ------------ at the Omaha campus countless times and would hate to email her again. For those who may currently be students, do you recall when you were given an official offer? Thanks!