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SpaceCowgirl has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CMSRN.

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  1. SpaceCowgirl

    Was RN school easy for you?

    I took 2 semesters each of general chem and organic chem, as well as micro and biochem for my first bachelor's. Sometimes I forget what was required for nursing school and what wasn't, since it all transferred (plus, this was all over a decade ago). But I vaguely remember some kind of chemistry requirement, and a lot of references to it were made during pharmacology. As long as I can explain in layman's terms how a beta blocker or bronchodilator work to a patient, that's basically all I need.
  2. SpaceCowgirl

    Was RN school easy for you?

    Well, I was specifically replying to the comment that pharmacology in nursing school did not teach us how the molecules interacted with each other ... I was simply stating that we learned that in chemistry, and pharmacology builds on those principles. I didn't say that you use chemistry in your day to day nursing practice.
  3. SpaceCowgirl

    Was RN school easy for you?

    Were organic and inorganic chemistry not requirements in your program?
  4. SpaceCowgirl

    Was RN school easy for you?

    I'm not sure why it happens, but I think it all goes back to that "nurses eat their young" mentality. More than likely, they had an instructor that was hard on them, and they feel like passing it on. Like I said, I tried to stay under the radar, so I kept my mouth shut in class. The only time I ever spoke up in front of a teacher if if I was specifically called on. It's different if there are only other students there, like during group projects. Sometimes it was hard - my minor was in genetics with my first bachelor's degree, so when the teacher made a mistake during our genetics lecture in nursing school, I literally had to bite my tongue. It was definitely the safest choice though. You could always see that little switch go off in an instructor's head when they found a student they thought was going to be a problem, and it was almost always a student who had their hand up too much in class, usually accompanied by a somewhat "know it all" or defensive tone to their voice when asking questions.
  5. SpaceCowgirl

    Waste of Insulin

    Wow, that sounds crazy. At the hospital where I work part-time, each patient had their own insulin pen that stays in their drawer and goes home with them when they're discharged. When it starts to get empty, you call the pharmacy for a refill. At the hospital where I work full-time, we keep vials in the Pyxis and you have to type in the number of units you are taking out for that particular patient, then the computer notifies pharmacy when it's getting low so they can replace the vial.
  6. SpaceCowgirl

    How I Made A 90% In My TEAS

    After reading your post, I started to get curious about my score breakdown, so I looked it up: Math - 100%, English - 100%, Reading - 95.2%, and ... 81.3% on Science. I had no idea I'd done so poorly on the science section ... and I was a biology major in college! I take back what I said before - maybe the science section is a lot harder than I realized.
  7. SpaceCowgirl

    How I Made A 90% In My TEAS

    How I made a 93.3% on my TEAS - I didn't study at all. I didn't really know anything about the TEAS, but was told by a coworker that it was like a general knowledge test. She said if I remembered the basics from high school and college I would do fine, and she was right. I think the most important thing is not to stress over it.

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