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SpaceCowgirl has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CMSRN.

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  1. @Purple_Clover
  2. I agree @Purple_Clover - it's really weird to say you're in nursing school when you aren't in nursing school yet. It's not gatekeeping, it's just correcting a mistake.
  3. They are definitely glamorized ... I'll stick with med/surg! I still have to go to all the other floors to start their IVs, and just within the last few weeks I've had to go to the ER to show a nurse how to put on a colostomy bag (she's worked there ...
  4. Male nurses get made charge nurse and nurse manager earlier/faster than females, therefore they make more money just like every other profession. ? You'll be fine.
  5. Question about time management

    I *always* let the phone ring and ring and ring when we don't have a secretary ... When enough people complain that the phone isn't getting answered, then they'll get us a secretary! If my manager ever complains to me that we should be more diligent ...
  6. Suspicion About Med Error

    There's plenty of reasons why a dementia patient would have agitation, it seems very strange to me why the first assumption was that the nurse was withholding meds ... Unless you have some other information about her that would make you suspicious, I...
  7. Was RN school easy for you?

    I took 2 semesters each of general chem and organic chem, as well as micro and biochem for my first bachelor's. Sometimes I forget what was required for nursing school and what wasn't, since it all transferred (plus, this was all over a decade ago). ...
  8. Was RN school easy for you?

    Well, I was specifically replying to the comment that pharmacology in nursing school did not teach us how the molecules interacted with each other ... I was simply stating that we learned that in chemistry, and pharmacology builds on those principles...
  9. Was RN school easy for you?

    Were organic and inorganic chemistry not requirements in your program?
  10. Was RN school easy for you?

    If only I had a nickel for all those things people told me would happen during nursing school that never happened! ? My first semester, my fundamentals teacher told me I'd have to go prn at my job, because there was no way to work full-time and succe...
  11. What is night shift actually like?

    I worked strictly nights for 7 years, now I currently work 2 day shifts and 2 night shifts a week. There is technically less work to do on nights, but you won't actually notice because you also have less techs, no free charge nurse, and no secretary ...
  12. Was RN school easy for you?

    I'm not sure why it happens, but I think it all goes back to that "nurses eat their young" mentality. More than likely, they had an instructor that was hard on them, and they feel like passing it on. Like I said, I tried to stay under the radar, so I...
  13. Was RN school easy for you?

    Yes, it was. I worked full-time the whole way through school - first as a CNA while doing my ADN, then as an RN while competing my BSN. There were plenty of late nights spent working on care plans, and I can't say it was great fun going to clinicals ...
  14. Patients & Pet Peeves

    Every single one of my sweet, little old lady patients (especially if they have tremors/Parkinson's/RA) take their cup of meds, dump it out into their hand, and then promptly drop all of their little white pills all over their white bedspread. Every....
  15. Waste of Insulin

    Wow, that sounds crazy. At the hospital where I work part-time, each patient had their own insulin pen that stays in their drawer and goes home with them when they're discharged. When it starts to get empty, you call the pharmacy for a refill. At the...