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  1. surgii

    you might be from ohio if:

    I was born and raised in Ohio. I currentlly live in AZ When I first came here I was working an orhto/neuro floor and said to another nurse "I need to get a warsh cloth" At that point, in time I didnt even realize I pronounced it wrong !! Another manner of saying that has been brought to my attention is when some is "picked up by the cops" I have been asked what does that mean. Does any one else say that too?? I miss Ohio and this has been a wonderful thread thank you all!!
  2. surgii

    "The Jesus Factor"

    Leslie, Thank you for the link ...I have been a nurse for 21 years I work in an area that the time I spend with patients is minimal but in those minutes I have with them while conscience, and they point out a need I will respond to them and have...and will continue to. I see them in the most profound time , in a most vulnerable time I would NEVER use my postion to hurt anyone ,in any sense. If they believe in Buddah I would supply them with their advisor If they were any rel I would not trample on their beliefs, just as I dont want my beliefs trampled on. I feel that is their choice and it is not up to me to make that for them. However if they ask me about my JESUS I will share with them I will pray with them or provide them with the spirtual advisor Whatever their need is. this is not an issue of taking someones free choice from them it is an ISSUE of being able to share with another human being.
  3. surgii

    "The Jesus Factor"

    I dont think most Christian nurses go out of their way to "convert" anyone. If the situation arises and the patient is in need you would supply them with the BEST spirtual guidance afforded. Patients are in a captive situation but if they ask or lead in the direction to talk about Jesus I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I have already seen in hosptials how just being known as a Christian can put us in a bad light. I have seen a women loose her job over being a Christian. She with stood great insults on her beliefs even thought she did not try to convert anyone. She sat through a satan worshippers tirades at her and in the end she was fired for standing up to what she believed. Is this where our "enlightened" thinking is going now?? I ask is this really enlightened at all that some can talk and others cannot. This is reflects what is going on in our society. We are spirtual beings and now it is criminal to share with others....a sad day for humanity
  4. surgii

    "The Jesus Factor"

    I dont think we can get inner peace within ourselves If that were the case this world wouldnt be in the situation it is in.
  5. surgii

    "The Jesus Factor"

    I was saddened when I read "The Jesus Factor". I think it is sad when we are challenged with this type of thinking. Wouldnt your offer a thirty person water to drink?? A patient has the right to reject or talk of Jesus if he/she chooses. We all have that option. Patients are not merely robots, they are spirtual beings as well We should feel obligated to help them at their time of need. That is what we do isnt it??
  6. surgii

    Much agency work in Phoenix for ER ?

    I hear a small agency called In Touch Nursing is a good agency to deal with.