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  1. savebabies

    Billing skilled nursing as an independent contractor

    Sorry I just saw this now! It was a few years ago that I did it, but it was pretty easy. I had to register and get an NPI number and do some online modules as well as one that was over the phone while being on the computer, kind of like a zoom meeting but before that was available haha. There was a point person for me to contact if I had any questions who was very helpful, just not when it came to dealing with BCBS. For billing you order a certain billing form and then every shift you work you put the ICD-10 codes according to your patient's diagnosis in that box and the hours you worked. You could bill for up to 5 shifts on 1 form I believe. You're required to keep a chart with your patient's healthcare plan and orders from their doctor. I can't remember the requirements of notes/assessments because I just photocopied the agency's forms so it was easier for the family to read. Good thing, because when I didn't get reimburse I just billed the agency.
  2. savebabies

    Billing skilled nursing as an independent contractor

    Yes you can!
  3. I'm wondering if anyone bills their client's insurance and works as an independent contractor? I've been with my patient for a long time, so I'm not worried about the other requirements of being independent, just the billing. I'm in Massachusetts and would have to get a denial from their private insurance in order to bill Masshealth. Anyone out there that has gone this route?
  4. savebabies

    Independent provider

    Has anyone had success becoming an Independent nurse and billing mass health? Or know anyone you can put me in contact with who has? I am trying to fill out the application and it is very confusing! It's asking me for all kinds of stuff that I don't know such as DBA, service locations (I obviously can't disclose my patient's address?) etc. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. savebabies

    Contractual Nursing/Summit Health

    Hi KourtneiNurse! I have my 5 minute screening/interview?..not really too sure what it is..with Summit tomorrow, and I anticipate getting the position as well. I did not know they ship the supplies to your house, and you said we are on our own, so would we be the only one conducting the clinic? Not sure how I feel about this either! I would also like more information about this, so if you find any please let me know! Gabrielle

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