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    Took the NCLEX-RN yesterday! 265 questions & the good pop up?

    I passed! Pearsonvue trick worked! It's so doable to get back into the groove after you've been out of the game for some time and pass the first time! Study hard. Believe in yourself, pray and the rest is in God's hands. I'm so happy! I am an RN!
  2. Hello, all! First off, I would like to thank you guys for clicking my thread. This is a long read, but it may help a lot of you! Anyhow, lets get into it! I was out of NSG school for a complete year before I even decided I wanted to take the NCLEX-RN. I was scared out of my mind, because I didn't want to succumb to "real-life" responsibilities, seeing as I graduated at 21. Fast forward to today, the day after I took my NCLEX and I am literally scared and excited for my life. Here's a little back drop of my prep for the exam. I was all over the place when I got serious about beginning to study & prep for the NCLEX. This post was around the time I decided to get serious: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/out-nsg-school-909744.html I decided it would be best for me to brush up on content (as other people also voted), seeing as I've been out for some time. I had purchased Kaplan right out of NSG school, because it was mandatory. I basically wasted my money, because I did not use it AT ALL (until I decided to get serious). I felt bad that I wasted it because I heard it was a great program (which it is, but only for those who are fresh out of NSG school), and called them to get a 3 month extension, (which was really nice of them). Turns out, I kinda felt at a loss because it was primarily questions, and I wanted content review. I then decided I should explore my options. Should I purchase the HURST program? Or should I check out NCSBN? It was a lot cheaper, so I went with the latter. I purchased the 8 week program ($100) and scheduled my NCLEX two days after I finished the program. This is definitely what pushed me to get on my wheels and start pedaling. I had my ATT# already, as well as my background check completed. Having your date set is a literal goal and it really motivates you to complete the program before your exam and to really grind your gears to study hard and efficiently. *To those curious in the NCSBN-RN course: NCSBN is amazing. I loved the content review it provided & it really put things into perspective as a refresher. It gave you questions at the end of the sections, which solidified what you learned on that topic. It is a lot of course material, I have to say. I'm not sure if one could get through everything if they purchased the 3 week course (only $50!). I really like that they have an accessible time option and it coincides with your schedule and how you can complete the program without time restraint. If you're looking for an all-around course that will allow you to pass your NCLEX and feel confident, I definitely recommend NCSBN. I did not complete the question set at the end of the NCSBN program, because I realized that I took too long on the content sections (which scared me a little, because I did not do many questions in my NCLEX prep; maybe 100 questions in total?). Regardless, I did feel comfortable because I had all this knowledge that was solidified in my noggin and I had about four more days to go before the big NCLEX day. Two days before the NCLEX I stumbled up on this cheat sheet PDF of all the things that you should know before taking the NCLEX. It saved my life. There were little itty-bitty details that I over looked. Plus, there are great mnemonic's on there that helped a ton. Here is the link: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/passed-my-nclex-750555.html (scroll all the way down to the last two files). So, fast forward to yesterday. I prayed. Got to my little station computer desk. Went through the tutorial & then started answering questions. I got up to question 75 and got really worked up, expecting the screen to shut off. But no. I kept my hopes up, thinking: "Okay. #76," then "#80", then "#100" and on & on it kept going. I started to lose my endurance around #150 because I didn't prep via questions. So, everything started to get hazy. I had to read the questions 3 to 4 times now, and the answers about 4 times each. I decided it was time for a break. I got out of my cubicle and walked around to get some sun, which helped me to regain my focus. It was tough. I got up to #200 and then I realized, I'm probably going all the way to #265. So the last 60 questions, I got my second wind. I kept thinking, "Omg, I'm going to have to sit through this whole thing again!?" Then I would come to my senses and tell myself I will pass this the first time! (the last 60 questions are what is considered when time cuts out on you). For the total exam I had 45 SATA questions. Yep. 45. I thought I was finished and I would have to just take it again. I finished the exam at 5 hours and completed all 265 questions. Not 20 minutes out of the examination room, I checked my phone to see if the Pearsonvue trick would work. I didn't know how to do it, and thought that once I hit register, a pop-up should pop up. I got to the first register page (didn't plug in any info yet) and was able to get to the register section and thought, man. I knew it. I couldn't have gotten all of those SATA questions right . So I moped. Ate a whole bunch of creamy alfredo pasta to ease my sadness. Then I decided, eh. Let me try again on my computer, I have to register anyway. I went all the way through it, putting in my state and the school and the year I graduated and then I saw it. The pop-up. The glorious, glorious pop-up. (I wish I post the pic I screenshot.) It stated: "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I checked what the status of the exam was and it said "Delivery successful". I was freaking out. I was so happy, and shocked and scared. And I'm still scared. Scared that this may just be false hope. I really, really hope that this means I passed. I mean- it would be so rude to go up to 265 and fail. It's like kicking someone who is down, . Not very nice. Regardless, I'm going to purchase the $7 quick results thing when my exam results become available. Actually, that's another thing! Does the Pearsonvue work if your exam results are not available? Please tell me it does! But I want to know what you guys think? Was sharing my experience helpful to anyone? What do you guys think about the pop-up? Is the Pearsonvue trick a 100% kinda deal? Cause then I could totally go out for a drink and crochet the sweater I've been dying to make, haha. I hope I was of some help to you guys and I hope I'm an RN!
  3. SubtleWallflower

    Out of NSG school for 9 months, Help?

    Thank you, so much & congratulations! I think that sounds best. I'm going to take that diagnostic test right now. I also just uncovered a Saunders content review book I had laying around as well as the Saunders question book. I think as far as questions, I'm going to stick with Kaplan- seeing as many people who stuck with it passed. Thank you for your insight & good luck!
  4. SubtleWallflower

    Out of NSG school for 9 months, Help?

    Okay. So- before I get reprimanded, I am fully aware that I should have taken the NCLEX earlier*, but I was only 20 and I was not ready to become active in the 'real' world yet. I just wanted to party, because I did not experience the collage life. Cut to present day, I am so ready to work, get my own place and be a mature grown up with responsibilities, haha. Well, now I'm stuck. I'm not exactly sure where to begin. When I graduated, my school made it mandatory for us to purchase Kaplan. It expired without me using it, but I was granted a 3 month extension, that I am currently using. I feel a bit lost, because I don't know where to start! Content? Just jump into questions? I've already set up a schedule in which I will study for the NCLEX 6hrs/day. I really want to do a content review, but I don't feel that is absolutely necessary because when I do questions, I get a good chunk of them right- (I graduated nursing school with a pretty high GPA) but I am worried that I can't remember everything off the top of my head like I used to. I intended to take my NCLEX by the end of this month, but I am still not cleared from my school, and reviewing content will take a lot of time. But! If it allows me to pass the NCLEX in one go, I will be more than happy to execute that. I would have loved to do HURST content review live lectures, but that is just way too much money that I do not have. So my question is, should I be doing content because I've been out for so long? Or should I just dive into questions & the rationales should help me to understand and remember again? I know I will pass the NCLEX :], its just a matter of how to approach the studying aspect.