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  1. Seriously considering enrollment in Brown Mackie's (OKC) ADN program (April 2014), but I'm nervous. Their program is certainly expensive, but it is only about 2 years in length -no wait- and they seem to be regionally (although not NLNAC/ACEN) accredited. There are rumors they may start an "advance placement" LPN to RN bridge type program in July ish. (Haven't decided if I want to go that route even if they do) I am already an LPN (as of very recently), but am very anxious to get my RN. I am certain I will want go on to pursue my BSN. I have no pre req/gen ed credits to transfer. I moved to Oklahoma right after passing my boards in another state: and I am a bit behind in figuring out Oklahoma's nursing program options, and how each are perceived within the community. With minimum time until completion a heavily weighted factor for me, would any of you advise against enrollment with Brown Mackie? Being new here I am not confident about if or how my employment opportunities and continued education goals may be limited based on where I graduate. I checked into Platt's LPN to RN program as well as ITT Breckinridge's RN, but felt a bit sketchy about each of them. But, if anyone has anything to offer about either program, I would love to hear.