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Myrtle1061RN has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Orthopedics, Pediatrics.

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  1. I totally agreed with everything you said, I have experienced pretty much the same feelings, except at the very end. I have not even allowed myself to think about “after”... I just hope there is one.
  2. The Real War Against COVID-19 in America

    The public may never be more ready to hear this message. We all need to spread the word on every social platform that NOW is the time to fix healthcare for ourselves and future generations. We need to let them know that the alarm has been sounding fo...
  3. What is it like in your hospital right now?

    Travel nurse in South Georgia. I was concerned when I saw that staffing has been moving nurses all over the hospital. Our hospital has three large units that are rule out or confirmed Covid. I thought it would be more sensible to try to keep staff fr...
  4. What is it like in your hospital right now?

  5. Can Covid-19 cause viral induced Schizophrenia?

    Encephalitis is a possibility, but the patient’s vitals were all normal: no fever, no tachycardia, no elevated BP and no signs of nuchal rigidity or even any discomfort.
  6. Can Covid-19 cause viral induced Schizophrenia?

    The room was kind of isolated at the end of the hall, I knew that I was not going to get quick back up if things went bad, so yes, I placated the patient rather than risk escalating to violence. Not my best nursing, but I was afraid for my safety. ...
  7. The report I received was brief: middle aged, tested positive for Covid-19 last week, sent home to quarantine, no known history of drug abuse or psych issues, but the patient had been found naked in the street and was displaying manic, Schizophrenic ...
  8. Extending my reach? Or pushing my limits?

    Actually, for the sake of brevity, I left out the reasons I don't expect to retire: divorce (after 25 years), move to a new state to start my new life and my career as a nurse, illness (resolved, I'm healthy now) and cherry on top, bankruptcy and the...
  9. Extending my reach? Or pushing my limits?

    Maybe this is phase II of my mid life crisis? Or just a reasonable next step? But I am hoping fresh insight will help me decide... Should I go back to school? Back story: Graduated in 2010 with my BSN at the age of 49. Two years in Pediatric Med Surg...
  10. Am I On Camera? No Paparazzi Please!

    I have often thought it would be so much easier, and negate the need for tedious charting, if I could just wear a camera and record how my day is spent. It may occasionally catch a nurse making an honest mistake, but I think it would more often exone...
  11. New Grad: Worried about unsafe working conditions

    Oh my gosh, that sounds like the hospital I work for! Our "budget" can't afford working vital sign machines (I have literally been required to roll 4 different VS machines into a room to get a full set of vitals on several occasions) the decrepit tel...
  12. New grads in specialties without the basics

    I graduated in 2010 with a BSN and we spent one class day on the basics of bathing, turning, etc. and I don't really know how you can learn those things except for working in the trenches and getting hands on experience. Did I feel clueless and over...
  13. Bedpan? Why not a Poise pad?

    With all the wonderful advances in medical technology we are still using bedpans? Bedpans have been around for what? At least a few hundred years? When our hospital recently started using Curos caps to sanitize and protect IV ports we all laughed ab...
  14. Cannabis, the cure all?

    I'm one of those grown up stoners (in the early '80s) and have successfully juggled home, family and career all these years with no long term ill effects from my years of partying.
  15. Cannabis, the cure all?

    My father had MS and used marijuana to help relax the plaguing muscle spasms and control pain. It worked very well for him.