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  1. jojo14627

    Made a drug error and feel sick

    Thank you that means a lot :) I've been a bit depressed about it. But I will pick myself up and take your advice thank you :) xxx
  2. jojo14627

    Made a drug error and feel sick

    Hi all, I have been qualified since last September and started on the ward I'm on in march so I am still new. The ward is heavy and the staffing is terribly low... As it is everywhere but on this particular shift there was me and two other nurs...
  3. jojo14627

    Suicide On The Ward

    Touching story xx
  4. jojo14627

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Sleeping on duty

    I love this thank you:D I've just qualified and I'm dreading my first night shifts :-/ xx
  5. Hi everyone, would ssomeone please help me I'm so confused with this nclex and cgfns exam things. I have been told I have to take both tests. I am a British citizen and my boyfriend is American. We are planning on getting married in the future and mo...
  6. jojo14627

    Looking for a study buddy in UK for NCLEX-RN exam

    Hi me too! I need a study buddy!