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  1. Hello nursing people, I am using this website to see if anyone has any advice for a new grad who has been given the option of working at two different facilities. I have been offered a position in Twin Falls, Idaho at St. Luke's on the Cardiopulmonary unit and also been offered a position in Fort Collins, Colorado at Poudre Valley Hospital on the Orthopedic unit. What would a new grad be exposed to in these positions? I am looking for any advice from people who have experience at either of these facilities or either of these units. I didn't get a ton of exposure on a cardiopulmonary or orthopedic unit while doing rotations and want to be sure I'm making a decision I will be happy with and able to further my career as a nurse if either unit isn't perfect for me. I had a face to face interview with Fort Collins and really enjoyed the town and employees but had a phone interview with Twin Falls (they seem to also be a good group of people but town is much smaller). I feel lucky to have been given a choice and for all those out there still looking, stay positive and you'll get your foot in the door. Thanks in advance for any input. -Craig