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  1. sumo12

    Safe / practical nurse to patient ratio (SNF)

    I know when I first started, fresh out of school, my other nurses really helped me out. I work night shift, so things move a little slower. I'm sure I bugged everyone, but who cares. I busted my butt to get my license and refuse to lose it over something dumb. Talk to your DON, or your ADON...they might be able to help. Hang in there it does get easier. I made a checklist in the beginning to help me stay on track and get it all done.
  2. sumo12

    Safe / practical nurse to patient ratio (SNF)

    I totally agree! I have 19 residents. 5 bariatric, 8 that cannot feed themselves, 2 that are highly combative, 6 high-maintenance ringers, and only 1 that is self care. Most of the time I ony have 1 cna per shift for the whole floor. It's way too much for 1 cna and 1 nurse. None of the residents get "top if the line" care. We do the best we can, and mgmt comes to us and complains that our medcart is turned the wrong way! It's crazy, mgmt needs to get their priorities in line.
  3. sumo12

    Violent/combative residents?

    I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who gets into these situations. It's very frustrating to do the best you can with what you have and you still get in "trouble". I decided to become a nurse to help and provide care to those who can't do it themselves, but when did I stop being a human? Mgmt ony sees $$$$$$$. It's really sad when you are hoping the "state" comes in to investigate. No one should go to work afraid of a resident.