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  1. grizmama

    Anyone know about Maryville's FNP program?

    I live in Utah and had very little issues finding multiple preceptors. It's graduate school so there is a lot of self mastery and self instruction but it's manageable. It's really what you make of it. Tuition is competitive compared to other online programs.
  2. grizmama

    Maryville vs. Chamberlain FNP

    I am in my 4th semester at Maryville and I like it. I feel like I am learning and am able to have kids and work. It is what it is: graduate school which is hard and demanding and requires dedication and self motivation.
  3. grizmama

    It's a crime to take pictures of your patients

    Maybe I should have given better background on this app, I apologize for that. It was developed by MDs at Stanford that helps students share interesting diagnostic images, labs, skin issues etc. The images can only be shared if there is consent, which there is a consent form built into the app and the person can sign it on your phone and it can be emailed to them and the hospital. Social media can be used for good and that is what Stanford was trying to achieve. No need to get super upset and start being rude and insulting.
  4. grizmama

    It's a crime to take pictures of your patients

    Check it out before you reply to me. It's made for medical students and workers. It has built in consent forms and ways to protect patient privacy.
  5. grizmama

    It's a crime to take pictures of your patients

    If there is an interesting case you can take a picture of it using the app figure 1. It's pretty cool.
  6. grizmama

    I miss work

    I agree!
  7. grizmama

    I miss work

    I have had three kids while working full time as a nurse and this happened to me with my first baby. I couldn't wait to get back to work and did when she was 3 weeks. With the other two (especially with the last one) I did not want to go back at all. Wait until you have more people demanding your time, you will be happy to do nothing!
  8. grizmama

    How much do new grads earn in Boise?

    I think it's important to have some healthcare experience but it most likely won't be necessary. GPA will not be considered. There are threads in here that help you write your resume to highlight past jobs that will help you in your new career (leadership, delegation etc) and that doesn't have to be from a healthcare job. If I were you and wanted to have a healthcare job I would find a job at an assisted living because you don't need to be a CNA and you can become med tech certified and pass medications. That way you save time and money and learn pharmacology better. There is a lot of stigma against ITT and Carrington in Boise because they are for profit but I haven't heard of anyone having a difficult time finding a job. I would expect about $22/hr with no shift differential.
  9. grizmama

    How much do new grads earn in Boise?

    I think St Lukes pays the worst. I would start looking at west valley medical center in nampa because they pay much higher. The two main hospitals in Boise are competitive with each other and have plenty of new grads to choose from with three RN programs in the area. Lukes is also more selective in wanting only BSN graduates. Where are you coming from?
  10. grizmama

    Maryville online FNP Spring 2015 start

    I'm starting and pretty excited! I'm in Salt Lake City.
  11. grizmama

    Maryville January 2015 start

    Hey! I'm starting in January and was wondering if there are any others out there. I would love to hear from any of you!
  12. grizmama

    Pondering a move to Idaho...

    I'm from the Boise area and you are going to tKw a significant pay cut. Idaho pays nurses terrible. If I were you I would consider getting a job at West valley in Caldwell, they pay about the best wages. The other two main hospitals in the area do not pay very well and have a lot of politic issues. Good luck!
  13. grizmama

    Boise State Univ for RN-BSN program?

    I completed the BSU program in May of this year and I cannot say enough good things about this program. It's affordable, not overly difficult and they really do well at getting back to you. I had 2 very small children and was pregnant with my third when I finished and I worked full time and did well. If I had to do it over again o would still choose going to BSU. Good luck!
  14. grizmama

    Help with carrington college

    I graduated from there 2 years ago and they let you transfer credits but only a certain amount, 12 I think. The program was great and since I had an associate degree from another college I went on to BSU and got my BSN. I didn't think they were pushy at all but very helpful. Good luck and go for it!
  15. grizmama


    I am considering applying for next cohort and was wondering how the program is going? I graduated with my BSN from BSU and I was happy with it. Love to hear from any of you!
  16. grizmama

    Boise state online RN-BSN

    I am in my last semester in the RN-BSN program and I cannot say enough good things about it. I have really felt like the teachers care about me and get right back to me. The coordinator for the program returns e-mails immediately and she is very helpful. One can choose how slowly or quickly you get through the program. I also feel like I am much better prepared for the next level of nursing. Good luck with your choice and your future career!