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  1. nursemarsh32


    Hi, just wondering if anyone have ever attended achieve test prep for RN or BSN. I think its where you test out of most classes after minimal studying and some labs. Im in chicago and think this would be more convenient for me. I recently obtained my LPN and now looking for BSN with less travels. What i really wanna know is did it work for you and was it harder, how did you like it?
  2. nursemarsh32

    ADN or BSN

    What schools are you referring to?
  3. nursemarsh32

    LPN to RN program?

    I live here in Chicago but I'm not quite sure of LPN-RN programs and I jus finished LPN but most will transfer credits from ur last program which will shorten the time for ur RN or even BSN program
  4. nursemarsh32

    exit pn exam

    Oh ok. We were able to purchase the hesi study book on Amazon and it helped. Maybe u should check and see if someone sales ati study guides
  5. nursemarsh32

    exit pn exam

    Sorry we took hesi. Not familiar with ati but do u guys have a study guide
  6. nursemarsh32

    RN licensing issues

    Omg!!!!! I'm currently going through this and jus sent paperwork in last week. Mine was for driving on a suspended license, my shock is that it actually took that long? And do u think it was because of all your incidents
  7. nursemarsh32

    exit pn exam

    What kind is it like hesi or ati?
  8. nursemarsh32

    LPN in hospitals

    Yea thanks! My ultimate goal is RN in the nursery. I haven't got much help with this issue that's why I brought the question here... I took LPN as a step since it was hard for me to get in the RN program. I've been called and referred to different nursing home facilities so I think that's where I'll get my experience and hands on learning. I'm in Chicago and I figured they hire LPN for something different that we can handle in the hospital and I added Chicago later in the history of this thread. I get it though, it was just tough as a new grad without any assistance or knowledge of how or where to start. I have a much better understanding now
  9. nursemarsh32

    LPN in hospitals

    What state/hospital?
  10. nursemarsh32


    What did u have to do to clear it up. I'm sure that's what it is. That's the only court appearance I've ever missed its only because it was in wi. I'm in Illinois and it was over 10 yrs ago
  11. nursemarsh32


    Ok. I'm not sure what it is but the only thing I knw I've had on me was speeding on the highway in wi and I was asked to appear in court so there might have been a warrant out but it was over 10 yrs ago. But then again we were fingerprinted in school and nothing was stated then... Idk
  12. nursemarsh32


    Hey guys, wondering if anyone experience something something being reported on their background, maybe something minor like traffic? I was told something was sent to testing off my fingerprints. They didn't knw what but I've tested and now jus waiting on the license. He also said it hasn't stopped anything but it may come back up
  13. nursemarsh32

    LPN in hospitals

    I'm sorry, I should've added in Chicago:smug:
  14. nursemarsh32

    LPN in hospitals

    New Grad NCLEX success������ now I'm on a job hunt but don't know where to start. I really want to be in a hospital but I hear that's not a good idea with it being so demanding. But then do I look into agencies? My ultimate goal is rn in labor and delivery.
  15. nursemarsh32

    nursing students interested in ob/gyn or neonatal

    I thanks for replying. I'm just lookin for an open comments, experiences, advice. I'm new to this and I'm only interested in that area