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  1. jlv123

    Good Hospitals for New Grad RN

    I am a newly graduated nurse living in the Nashville area. I have my associate degree in nursing and realized how difficult it is to find a job in a hospital setting as a new nurse. The only hospital I am aware of that doesn't hire brand new nurses with ADN is Vandy. The problem I had is that most hospitals now in Nashville require a nurse residency program regardless of ADN or BSN. Some residency programs have been around for a while, while others have not, but most (Centennial/HCA, Williamson Medical, St Thomas, Maury Reg.) all require it from new nurses. Also, all of those hospitals I mentioned that have residency programs, will hire you into their program with either a ADN or BSN. Best of luck!
  2. jlv123

    Realistic Job Opportunities

    I've heard lots of conflicting rumors in regards to the state of employment opportunities for nursing grads in Tennessee. What is the best route to follow after graduation in obtaining a job especially if you are not picky and looking for that 'job that I deserve because I'm a graduate'? I'm open to opportunities from CNA and Tech to RN positions. Also, is it realistic to work a part-time CNA/Tech job after my first semester of Nursing? Thanks for your input!
  3. jlv123

    Columbia State Applicants 2014

    Yup. Sent my app in for the Fall semester. Eagerly awaiting my acceptance letter :) You?
  4. jlv123

    Columbia State Community College

    I applied a year ago for the CSCC nursing program (and knew nothing about the requirements when I applied) and didn't get in. Professor Blum (nursing director) was awesome and talked me through why I didn't get in and what I needed to do to get in. At the time, I had a B in A&P 1 and a 21 ACT. So, I only had 5 points. Since then, I've raised my ACT score over 24. So I should get in for the Fall semester. But from what she told me and nursing professors have told me, its super rare for a 6 to get in. It happens, but I wouldn't count on it. I would suggest upping your ACT score. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In my experience, the ACT residual is a bit easier than the National test. I focused for 2 months on speed (downloaded a speed reading app) and some areas that I'm weak in and it paid off! Don't be discouraged about not getting in on your first try. Keep on working on your ACT and you'll eventually get there!