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SinMiedo has 7 years experience and specializes in Corrections, Psych.

I've worked LTC, MDS/CP, residential gero-psych, assisted living over the years, but got hooked on corrections after taking a travel assignment. Haven't ventured "outside the walls" ever since. :)

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  1. I have recently learned the hard way to make sure scheduling policies are absolutely crystal clear before hiring on. My current job was described as "3 8 hour evenings and 2 8 hour nights a week", which sounded great, although a bit vague. Turns out, they neglected to inform me that the 2 night shifts would be Saturday and Sunday. Every. Stinking. Week. Nor did they let me know that I would never have 2 consecutive days off (I'm off Mondays and Fridays.) There are no concrete staffing/scheduling policies here, so nothing says they can't schedule like that, I suppose. I very politely advised Mgmt that I would finish out this schedule, as it was already posted, but was not informed that it was an every weekend position and thus did not sign on to work every weekend. After this schedule is finished, if they require someone who can work that (gawd-awful, miserable, physically exhausting, trainwreck of a) schedule and are unable to change it, I will happily go back to travelling without a backward glance. (Sorry for the vent... This just happened to be a subject that hit a nerve!)
  2. SinMiedo

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    I work in prison, so we're a bit limited in what's allowed to come inside, but we got a couple days of lunches and a t-shirt. Also, one of the inmates made a really awesome Happy Nurses Week card that we hung up in the clinic. It was a really nice gesture :)
  3. SinMiedo

    Scrubs for the slim

    I find that I have to let the hems out of most "Tall" scrub pants, but the Smitten ones I mentioned upthread are the perfect length. (35" inseam here as well. :))
  4. SinMiedo

    Scrubs for the slim

    Those are my exact measurements, and I now have a new way to describe myself, lol! As far as scrubs go, I have had good luck with NRG by Barco in either XST or ST. The XSs are a little snug around the booty, so I have lately been buying smalls and altering the waist a bit. (Super easy, even without a sewing machine!) Also, I really like Smitten, specifically their "Hottie" pants despite their goofy name. They're made of a really neat fabric that hangs just right and are super comfy and flattering. The tops are slightly fitted and don't have the boxy thing going on that some brands do.
  5. SinMiedo


    Just thought of another one! I work in a large-ish city jail that, while better than some, is not the most sanitary place to practice. One night the officers brought a gentleman to medical with a complaint of ear pain. He stated that he had been sleeping under a bench in the holding tank, and felt something in his ear. I took a look and saw something that I was pretty sure I recognized, but wasn't sure of the best way to address it. Concerned about sending the patient into a panic, I very calmly asked my charge to come tell me what she saw; she thought it was a chunk of cerumen, so we set up to do a mini-irrigation. This poor guy was almost in tears, so we calmed him down enough for me to irrigate his ear. He said "Ooooh, I think it's gone now. What was it??" I handed the basin to my charge and started to explain that it was a small bug, right about the same time my charge squealed "EEEeek, it's still alive!" Bless his heart, I don't think I've ever had such a grateful patient!
  6. SinMiedo


    Oooh, we had one of these too! Gentleman comes into jail intake for a medical screening, and the nurse on duty notices a "crinkling" sound. She gets to the STI portion of the questions, and gentleman announces that he has a "little drip". He then proceeds to drop trou and show the nurse the plastic grocery bag he has tied around his penis to catch the horrifically purulent discharge, stating "It just started yesterday."
  7. SinMiedo

    Inmate/Staff Relationships

    My dad-- a recently retired DOC Lt-- told me when I started working corrections, "If an inmate has something coming to him, give it. Otherwise be polite, be alert, and stay in your lane." I feel like it was a pretty comprehensive guide to working in corrections in one tidy statement--in addition, of course, to "Put in your 8 and hit the gate; Don't take that mess home with you." Sadly, some of the other gems of advice he likes to dispense are a bit off colour for this board, lol.
  8. SinMiedo

    Hilarious Conversation with a Patient

    20-something opioid detox patient to me (after I had loaded her up with all the PRNs in an effort to make her slightly more comfortable) during a follow up check: Her: "Nurse...?" Me: "Yes ma'am, whatcha need?" Her: "Nurse. I just really like your gum." (I know, I'm bad for chewing gum at work, but I get horrific dry mouth that's no fun for my patients (or myself!))
  9. SinMiedo

    Infirmary 23 hour observation

    We do V/S q shift automatically any time someone is in TCU. In an admission, the provider will sometimes specify that he/she wants them done q 6/8 or at intervals after giving meds. Our admission sheet has areas for all sorts of superfluous orders (e.g. T/P, fall risk assmts q DAY, et al.) which we rarely use, thank God!
  10. SinMiedo

    Infirmary 23 hour observation

    Basically, our 23 hour obs is nurse-initiated rather than requiring an MD order. The paperwork is different, but equally as voluminous (as is the paperwork for everything we do :/). That's really the only difference.
  11. SinMiedo

    Advice on creepy doctors?

    I second all the PPs in saying that you are most NOT over-reacting. In fact, I'll see the "tell HR" responses and raise you a "File a police report!" The grabbing your hips thing.... Ugh. That's (as someone has previously said) sexual assault, which is a crime. And if this piece of trash feels comfortable enough to do it to you in an environment where he could easily be caught, I shudder to think of what he might be capable of in more private environs.
  12. SinMiedo

    Heavy-handed management at CDCR

    I could have sworn you worked with me until you got to the part about having a union steward. My facility is nearly identical to your situation, and I'm at my wits end as well. If you'd like, PM me which company your facility is affiliated with; I'm curious if it's the same parent company as I work for.
  13. SinMiedo

    No provider for orders

    I apologize if I'm wrong, but I don't believe I ever recommended stepping outside my scope of practice. I merely said that if the situation warranted, I would do what I had to to ensure a good outcome, e.g. send the pt to the ER. That's basically the only thing we're equipped to do in a serious-type situation anyway, and I fully acknowledge having a low "send 'em out" threshold compared to some at my facility. Obviously I'm not advocating initiating serious interventions on my own.
  14. SinMiedo

    No provider for orders

    Ditto!!! My motto is "Better to be in trouble for doing too much than for not doing enough." I feel like a genuine, good faith correct intervention through potentially unorthodox channels that results in a positive outcome is preferable to a "by the book" one that ends badly.
  15. SinMiedo

    No provider for orders

    Personally? I'd send their happy butts out. (But I'm rather salty like that.) Generally I call the on-call MD several times, then the non-OC MD. If I get no response, I'm sending the pt. to the ER. If it's a legitimate urgent/emergent issue and there's no provider to give orders, the only thing within my scope that I can do at that point is send the person to someone who can. That's really the only reasonable course of action at that point. And paying a nice ER bill tends to make the inability to contact an on-call provider show up loud and clear on management's radar, especially if it's a chronic sort of issue.
  16. SinMiedo

    Best Sick Call slips

    In a previous facility where the majority of our population spoke Spanish, many inmates would pool their collective English vocabulary words in order to submit a SC slip. One of the best I got was: " Miss Nurse.... I need to see you because I have the mushrooms on my feets." We were puzzled for a minute until we realized the translation error, then it was rather funny. Turns out the Spanish word for athletes foot and mushroom is close/the same, so the gentleman assumed the English meaning was too. More recently, I had this one: "I need to see the nerse becuz I was bite by a brown crouppen spiter." (Brown and Crouppen is a law firm that advertises constantly on TV in the area.)

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