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chachh has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. chachh

    Any Spokane nurses???

    Thinking of relocating to Spokane (dtr may be going to Washington university). Been a float nurse for many years. Best hospital? Do they treat staff well? Good benefits? I know I will take a pay cut but is there good differential for nights?
  2. chachh


    Any nurses here from Spokane? Thinking of relocating. Any insights? Pay decent. I make great money where I am currently but I know it will be a cut. And which hospitals do you suggest? I am currently a float nurse.
  3. chachh

    is "beating around the bush" common in nursing?

    Sorry you have had some disappointments. Should a med be pushed faster than recommended? Probably not. And according to guidelines definitely not. Does it happen often? You bet. Should a sterile field be broken? Definitely not. Does it happen? I bet more than we realize. Are nurses human? Busy sometimes? Trying to manage patients with different accuities and take care of them the best they can? Most of the time. My advice is to learn what kind of nurse you want to be and do the best job you know you can. I bet in a few years you won't be pushing a 1ml vial of morphine over 4-5 minutes, but maybe not quite as fast as 2 seconds. (and by the way, I have been made fun of by the crises team for pushing morphine over 1 minute in a central line, and pushing atropine on a totally alert patient with hr in the 50's over a minute.) Just live and learn and don't judge to harshly or quickly until you walk a mile......(but that doesn't mean to EVER endanger you patients!) Hope this helps (haven't slept yet)
  4. chachh

    Med.Administration Error.

    That is sad. They should have spoken to that nurse in private. Confidentiality just does not apply to patients only. And we have all made med errors, whether big or small, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach is horrible. I hope it worked out for both the patient and the nurse. And at least she noticed her mistake before more time had passed!
  5. chachh

    Cafeteria for Night Shift

    Our cafeteria is open all night until 3am. It shuts down to be cleaned until 6am. At night they offer premade roll sandwiches or grilled food such as burgers and stuff. The cafeteria lady will even make breakfast for you if asked. Guess we are pretty lucky in that respect. I think we have like 400 beds or so, can never remember! An unhappy employee is a hungry employee (not to mention brain function can sure suffer!). Hope you can make it work!
  6. chachh

    Dayshift or Nightshift: Which works better for families??

    I have worked night shift since I graduated from ns 3 years ago. I really like it, but then I am the type of person who likes to sleep in. I have 3 kids, 1yr to 14 yrs, with school age kids it was no prob with night shift. I find I can work 6 shifts on nights and make more money than if I work 7 day shifts, thereby freeing up an extra day for my family. Now that I have the baby I work just about every fri, sat and sun. This allows us to not have to pay for daycare, and I really only miss the kids 2 days a week, but tend to just sleep for 7 hrs so I can see them for a couple hours during the day. My kids don't have a big extra curricular activities sched so the weekends are good for us. Now working 3 in a row is tough (especially if you have a sucky, confused group) but not having to switch my sleep cycle back and forth more than once a week is worth it! I love my 4 off. Good luck!
  7. chachh


    Oh, and FYI. I too live in California. And on the maternity disability web site they use the example of a cosmetology type person not being able to stay on their feet all day and needing to go on leave before 36 weeks. SDI insinuates that is acceptable for jobs that are a strain on the pregnant woman. I was going to print that out and take it to my dr or his nurse cause they did act like it was unacceptable to really leave before 36 weeks unless there is a medical necessity (mine ended up as premature labor with lots of contractions, etc). But if Califonia thinks a hairdressers job is too physically diff. for a prego then they should try being a floor nurse on 12 hours shifts with 5-6 heavy patients, and no nursing assistants to help!!!!!
  8. chachh


    I feel your pain. I am getting ready to return to work 9/1 after being on maternity leave for 5 months. I to had severe back pain, was depressed, had a difficult time just walking at work. Would have to get down on my hands and knees just to check chest tube levels. Swollen feet big time. My ob/gyn was sympathetic and took me out at 31 weeks. I was exhausted! But I felt so guilty because there were several other nurses pregnant at the same time who did not have these same issues as me. They worked til their 36th week (and had the same dr), and some of their dr's (not the one I had) refused to sign them out until their 36th week, if they were experiencing probs, unless they actually had to become hospitalized for problems. Start talking to your dr now, let him/her know what is going on. Document any contractions you are having. At the end I was calling the dr almost everyday telling him I could not handle this. It was the best when I was finally able to leave. My body and baby appreciated it! So hang in there! And stick up for yourself, you know what you are capable of and what is just too much!
  9. chachh

    oncology vs. cardiac ICU, which job has better outlook?

    I started on tele for my first job because once you learn rhythms you can go just about anywhere. Another bonus working in a cardiac area is I have also learned about oncology. If a patient comes in with cancer issues but also has a heart issue they are going to tele. I would imagine that would be the same for your cardiac ICU. So it is my personal opinion that cardiac can open more doors eventually.
  10. chachh

    NCLEX RN today

    I felt that same way. That test is waaaay to stressful emotionally. I bet you did great. Just try and relax (easier said than done) and try not to think about it. HA!
  11. chachh

    Home Health

    Hi! I worked in home health/hospice dept as a secretary for 7 years before getting my rn. Though never did the clinical aspect I think I have a pretty good idea about what is involved in this california area. At our facility the nurses would get a load of about 6-8 patients to see a day. Could be follow-up from dc from acute setting, or monthly foley change. could be for ab needed to be infused or wound dsg changes. There are case nurses at the office that would be the contact person for dr calls and orders. Your milage is reimbursed at a pro-rated rate. It is much more layed back then floor nursing but can be very busy. Some people love it, some hate it. Hope this helps.
  12. if the bp has been charted as being checked within 30 minutes of me giving bp or beta-blockers than I will use that if checked by someone I trust. (what is the point of having aides if you cant trust any of them?). If it is someone I don't believe does quality pt care I will retake myself. I hold if it is borderline, or I check there trends from the previous day. On our floor we use acuscans where we can chart in the system the hr and bp. Won't necessarily call md for perameters right away, will ask when they come or if it is someone that is taking beta-blockers to prevent recurrance of svt's or a fib will then call for hr perameters if hr is at a questionable level, like 59 while awake. But I am still learning myself. And I know a lot of RN's on tele who don't necessarily check the bp when they give and I think that is asking for trouble.
  13. chachh

    Tell me about your "brain" or "cheat sheet"

    I am a new grad, but used a brain before as a cna. It depends on what works for you. My new thing that I do that I really like though is that when I take report I write down everything in black, then throughout the day I write down all the new stuff that happens (lab results, orders received, etc) in red. That way when I give report I know what the new info is that happened during my shift (especially helpful if the same staff is coming back the next day).
  14. chachh

    feeling paranoid

    Thanks for all the support!! I can't wait until this passes! Until then I guess I will continue to live with the need to call and make sure everything is okay after I left for the day!! I will keep in mind that some day I will be able to at least let it go for awhile!!!!
  15. chachh

    feeling paranoid

    Thanks for the support! I sure hope it diminishes with time otherwise I am going to drive myself insane! After the second day of being off I usually feel much better! That book you refer to, is it titled "Your first year as a nurse: making the transition from total novice to successful professional?" Or is there another book out there?
  16. chachh

    feeling paranoid

    Been on my own for 3 night shifts now on telemetry. Only had orientation of about 15 shifts. My problem is after each shift I get totally paranoid I missed something and analyze everything in my mind until I figure out something I did do wrong and usually will call the day rn to let her know something I think I messed up on and needs to be followed up on, like an activity for bedrest for a new admit I got last night, or I will continue to feel severly paranoid until this is taken care of. I always think I am about to lose my license!! Does anyone else suffer from this? Is prozac my only choice?