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chachh has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. Any Spokane nurses???

    Thinking of relocating to Spokane (dtr may be going to Washington university). Been a float nurse for many years. Best hospital? Do they treat staff well? Good benefits? I know I will take a pay cut but is there good differential for nights?
  2. is "beating around the bush" common in nursing?

    Sorry you have had some disappointments. Should a med be pushed faster than recommended? Probably not. And according to guidelines definitely not. Does it happen often? You bet. Should a sterile field be broken? Definitely not. Does it happen?...
  3. Med.Administration Error.

    That is sad. They should have spoken to that nurse in private. Confidentiality just does not apply to patients only. And we have all made med errors, whether big or small, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach is horrible. I hope it worked ...
  4. Cafeteria for Night Shift

    Our cafeteria is open all night until 3am. It shuts down to be cleaned until 6am. At night they offer premade roll sandwiches or grilled food such as burgers and stuff. The cafeteria lady will even make breakfast for you if asked. Guess we are pre...
  5. I have worked night shift since I graduated from ns 3 years ago. I really like it, but then I am the type of person who likes to sleep in. I have 3 kids, 1yr to 14 yrs, with school age kids it was no prob with night shift. I find I can work 6 shift...
  6. Pregnancy

    Oh, and FYI. I too live in California. And on the maternity disability web site they use the example of a cosmetology type person not being able to stay on their feet all day and needing to go on leave before 36 weeks. SDI insinuates that is accep...
  7. Pregnancy

    I feel your pain. I am getting ready to return to work 9/1 after being on maternity leave for 5 months. I to had severe back pain, was depressed, had a difficult time just walking at work. Would have to get down on my hands and knees just to check ...
  8. I started on tele for my first job because once you learn rhythms you can go just about anywhere. Another bonus working in a cardiac area is I have also learned about oncology. If a patient comes in with cancer issues but also has a heart issue the...
  9. NCLEX RN today

    I felt that same way. That test is waaaay to stressful emotionally. I bet you did great. Just try and relax (easier said than done) and try not to think about it. HA!
  10. Learn from mistakes

    There is never a stupid question among nurses...Never be afraid to double check yourself (has saved me a couple of times so far). And beware of one can know it all in this field.
  11. Should I leave nursing?

    Have you thought about hospice care through a home health agency? One visit at a time. There is some clinical care with the patient but you also educate and are supportive with the families of the dying patient. This would/could involve spiritual ...
  12. topics for argumenative paper

    For my paper I wrote about Ritalin/meds being good for ADHD. My son is on drugs for this and it helped educate me re meds out there. So if you can, use this paper to educate yourself re a subject that affects your own life. Makes it more interesti...
  13. bigeminy info please!

    let me correct myself. wenckeback. 2nd degree heartblock type I!!!
  14. bigeminy info please!

    wenkebach (something like that) or 2nd degree heart block type I. Is where the pr interval before the qrs keeps on getting wider and wider until a qrs is dropped. Then it starts all over again. a great web site to check all these rhythms out with e...
  15. Home Health

    Hi! I worked in home health/hospice dept as a secretary for 7 years before getting my rn. Though never did the clinical aspect I think I have a pretty good idea about what is involved in this california area. At our facility the nurses would get a...