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  1. pepino23

    Lasix push

    Yes I understand but exactly what causes that ototoxicity? I keep reading that in the drug books but I don't understand the cause based on slow vs. rapid push.
  2. pepino23

    Lasix push

    Can anybody tell me why Lasix needs to be pushed slowly? I keep getting different answers. I want to understand why it is that I have to push it over 1-2 minutes. Thank you
  3. pepino23

    day in the life of a tele/cardiac (not cvicu) nurse?

    My unit is Cardiac PCU and we receive most of our patients directly from the cath lab, ER, and transfers out of the MICU. We prep and recover patients with cardiac caths, ablations, (including pulling the sheaths) pacemaker/ICDs. We have plenty of CHF exacerbations, patients in for sotolol and tikosyn loading. We have heart blocks and do arrythmia management. We prep patients for CABG, valve replacements, pericardial windows, TAVRs, but post op after they are out of the ICU they going to Surgical PCU. Drips on my floor that we can titrate nitro, diltiazem,amiodarone, cardene, primacor. We also do heparin and lasix drips. I've had dobutamine as well but we can only titrate so much before they have to go to ICU. We have a monitor tech who sits on the unit watching the tele monitors and then at each nurses station we have our tele monitors. We have a pharmacist who does a lot of teaching with patients with warfarin, xarelto, eliquis, sotolol, tikosyn, etc. Cardiac rehab nurses do education with the post MIs and CHF coordinator does care rounds with those patients. 33 bed unit so we have 4 patients unless you are the chosen one that day who gets 5. Very high turn over for patients. It is normal to have 3/4 or all of your patients gone and with new ones by the end of shift.
  4. pepino23

    Baptist Versant Program 2014

    I also have an interview for Centralized Staffing for next week. Let us know how it goes and how the position works! Do you think if we got called for this position then the Med-Surg positions won't call?

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