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  1. This is a difficult question and I wish that I also knew the answer . If you are questioning your fertility , that is your priority - as you might have difficulty conceiving and also if you have to do fertility treatments you might be high risk for miscarriage, etc . That's a lot of appointments, missed days, etc . I am wondering the same thing ,but after thinking about all the appointments and stuff maybe school will be easier with a newborn ?? I'm not sure ,but I have 3 semesters of nursing school and might also have to do fertility treatments so I'm not sure the best answer ..
  2. EloDama

    LPN to RN programs florida

    Best LPN to RN programs in FL near Tampa area..clearwater, st. PEte also how many hours a week would you suggest working as an LPN during this program? any hospitals hiring LPNs near the area
  3. Hello everyone. I am graduating in April and have to take my NCLEX but I am so eager that I'm trying to do tons of research (I probably need to relax a little) I will be an LPN and it is much harder to find openings than an RN, from what I gathered. What are the best places to work as an LPN in this area? I will be moving there when I can. What are the best correctional facilities to work at?: safest, pay, order, etc? Also, if anyone has an input in best LPN to RN bridge programs in the area I would be so grateful to hear! Thank you!
  4. EloDama

    can someone tell me the best path to get a bsn

    If you're wanting to go straight into LPN then BSN you would need to look into a technical college or applied technology school for LPN, then you would want to go to a University for the BSN. For my LPN school there was an entrance test, and a high school diploma/ GED requirement and that was it. So as far as LPN goes you shouldn't need any prerequisites. Honestly, you would need to contact the schools and specifically ask them and get any information you currently have on your education sent to them. Best of Luck!
  5. EloDama


    Do you have any suggestions of hospitals to apply for in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete area? I currently live in Tennessee and am planning on moving there when I pass the NCLEX but am having somewhat of a difficult time finding any? Also, What is a good school for LPN to RN bridge program that you recommend (it may have to be an online course) so a few suggestions would be GREAT. Thank you so much!!!