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  1. Jasper676

    Pyxis report question...being falsely accused!

    Wow, thanks SouthernPoint for the information. I was working in a pre surgical area and ALL of the nurses pull the whole amount, give 1/4 or 1/2 of the med, label it, and pocket it for future use. If the pt doesn't require anymore and/or leaves for the OR, THEN the left over medication is wasted. An RN is asked to sign in, then the "wasting" RN chooses the pt names and completes the waste. The way we have been doing this, the RN originally pulling the med isn't getting credit for "wasting" the unused portion. They are actually witnessing it, not wasting it after the fact. Sounds like much education is needed there.
  2. Jasper676

    Pyxis report question...being falsely accused!

    Sorry if this seemed confusing. We withdraw out our meds such as ativan, morphine etc. The only available amounts are always more that we will use. The pyxis asks if we will use all the med and we alway say yes and go on our way. Later, after the patient is medicated and/or no more is needed, we then go back to the pyxis at a a later time to "waste" the unused medication portion. The witnessing RN signs in first and the "wasting" nurse completes the wasted medication transaction in the pyxis. From what I have been reading, the way we have been doing this is not correct :/
  3. Jasper676

    Pyxis report question...being falsely accused!

    Thanks for the info. That seems to be the general way to do things but apparently, we have been doing it backwards.
  4. I am currently being accused of withdrawing medications and not wasting them in the pyxis. Everyone in our department asks a nurse to enter the pyxis first, then the "wasting" nurse completes the transaction. In effect, wasn't I "witnessing" instead of "wasting"? Are there separate pyxis activity reports for withdrawals, wastes and witnesses? I ALWAYS waste my medications and can't understand the discrepancies. They requested a drug test that should come back fine but I am on temporary leave while this gets sorted out. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.