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iNurseGz's Latest Activity

  1. iNurseGz

    Underpaid DACA Agency Nurse

    Hello I live in California and took my NCLEX with my Ca ID.
  2. Hello All, starting a thread for Cerritos Spring 2015 program. I am thrilled to be a part of this upcoming cohort and I'd love for any others who are committing to the program to start connecting!! Where is my Cohort? -Good Luck
  3. iNurseGz

    Cerritos College Alternate

    did you get accepted to the program?
  4. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    So who is going to Cerritos program spring 2015?
  5. iNurseGz


    So did get accepted to the program?
  6. iNurseGz

    Lbcc Fall 2014

    I did all my science and general prereqs. @ Cerritos but besides the computer class what else should I be taking? And I already took sociology
  7. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Does PCC and Citrus have a year limit on science prerequisites?
  8. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Congrats! Was it your first time applying to cerritos.?
  9. iNurseGz

    Have you received your admissions letter?

    No, maybe next week
  10. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Thank you for the info.
  11. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Has someone call the health department this week? People that applied last year were notified around this time
  12. iNurseGz

    should I buy an iPad?

    Can you mention the apps you used for clinical and studying?
  13. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Congrats! What did you score on your teas?
  14. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Congrats! What does provisional mean though ?
  15. iNurseGz

    Cerritos Fall 2014

    Good luck! Now you have a greater chance to be accepted since you applied to more than one college. Does LBcc and CSULB require any additional classes for the program? Last time i check LBCC require computer classes.
  16. iNurseGz

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Thank you for the tips fully noted

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