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    Does it Matter what CNA school for Jobs

    When you apply for your first CNA job (espically at a regular hospital) does it matter where you went to CNA school? I understand as long as it is a state approved school, you can get your certificate (as long as you pass). But I'm more concerned with the hiring process. Someone told me it DOES matter, because the hiring manager would want to hire someone with better schooling if she is choosing amongst newbies. If this is true, to which extent does it matter?? There is a vocation school in my area that cost almost $2000.00 and the clases last 2 months! Where as the rest of the schools last only 2 weeks and cost less than $1000.00, some even $400.00. I don't want to spend 2 grand if I don't have to. But if it means a big differrence during the hiring process, I think I may have to. I don't know....