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  1. Assessing Readiness for the NCLEX

    I passed in 75 questions! I wouldn't say it was easy, but it wasn't intimidating. I think it was a combination of Kaplan and the quality of education I received. My school puts a lot of effort into ensuring its students are NCLEX-ready upon graduatio...
  2. Assessing Readiness for the NCLEX

    Haha, I don't know if "prepare" is the right word, since I don't feel prepared! I used Saunders and NCLEX Mastery (casually) and Kaplan was my main study platform. I started studying about 3 weeks ago. (I had the flu the week before, and my fever bra...
  3. New nursing student in desperate need for a study plan

    First of all, it is 100% completely normal to feel like you are behind and overwhelmed, even right in the beginning. I felt the same way in the beginning. One of the senior students took the time to talk to me and told me my feelings were normal. Jus...
  4. Low KAPLAN scores!! Passed the NCLEX RN!

    THANK YOU so much for sharing your experience in such detail! I am scheduled to take my NCLEX on Tuesday afternoon, and I am so scared. I am having anxiety attacks. My Kaplan scores have been good. Throughout school, I got some of the highest scores ...
  5. Assessing Readiness for the NCLEX

    I am scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN in less than 48 hours. I was wondering how you determined your readiness to take the test. I understand that it is common to panic and feel like you aren't ready, even if you actually are. My concern is that I may n...
  6. UMSON Fall 2015

    I'm not entirely certain that calls are made in alphabetical order. Last fall, I was a full "admit institution," my last name begins with F, and I got my notification almost two weeks after they began.
  7. UMSON Fall 2015

    Congratulations, Pink Eagle! It's been a long time coming!
  8. UMSON Fall 2015

    "Mini-vacation"?!?! Oh littlemango, you ARE optimistic! I spent 5 hours at school today working with my group on our presentation for our Research class! I *did* take a nap this afternoon. A LOT of us are getting sick at this point in the semester. ...
  9. UMSON Fall 2015

    Hi blessedNhopeful! Littlemango and I can go into detail in just a few weeks. Three weeks left, and we will have survived our first semester! The one thing I learned in my first semester, that NO ONE told me (and I have A LOT of nurse/nursing stud...
  10. UMSON Fall 2015

    Katiep_123- my call from UMSON came about 2 days before my deposit was due at Towson! I still lost out on my deposit to TU's nursing program, but at least I was spared paying the University deposit.
  11. UMSON Fall 2015

    It can take a while to get "The Call." Last fall, others began receiving notifications, be it accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. A week into it, I still had heard noting. I think it took at least a week and a half or maybe even longer than two weeks ...
  12. UMSON Fall 2015

    Congratulations, emilykwas! Yes, "provisional admit" means that you need to submit your final grades for the semester before your status can change to "admit institution." For any of you provisional admits- your final grades must be A's and B's only....
  13. UMSON Fall 2015

    For those of you who got accepted to Towson, I was wondering what you meant by "Does it apply to us?" The way it works with Towson, is you apply to the SON and the University, you need to be accepted to both, you have to pay BOTH deposits if you wan...
  14. The HARD Truth for most nurses

    Student here. Not getting involved in the debate, but I do have a funny anecdote. Before nursing school, I worked in retail. One of the things that sealed the deal for me when deciding to pursue a career in nursing was all the bodily fluids I had to ...
  15. UMSON Fall 2015

    Congratulations to all those who have been accepted! Provisional admits- just remember that, in order to make it to "admit institution" you need to pass your classes with an A or a B. Stay focused on your current semester's classes. Buckle down and m...