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  1. PASSED NCLEX with 75 Q! What I did Differently

    First congratulacion.........please can you semd me too my email is m_meraja@yahoo.com Thank you
  2. Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*

    First congra......Please can you sent some notice to me too.My email is : m_meraja @yahoo.com
  3. I think I failed Nclex in 75 questions

    what did you study RN_Dreams
  4. NCLEX pharm/vaccine advice

    christina731 what did you study? My email is m_meraja@yahoo.com
  5. NCLEX pharm/vaccine advice

    christina731 what did you study?
  6. stopped at 75

    akomismo I got your message.Please can you email me m_meraja@yahoo.com your email.Thank you
  7. I plan to buy Hurst review

    Hi, this is Anna first congrats.......
  8. I just passed!! Need study advice/inspiration?!

    First congrats.....RN.
  9. I PASSED NCLEX RN (International student)

    First congrat........I'M a international nurse to and if is possible the question trainers and the question bank from Kaplan can you share with me .My email is m_meraja@yahoo.com.I want to take the test next month .Thank you.
  10. Took the NCLEX and Passed at 75!

    Does Kaplan Demand help you.Which one do you think I can get Kapln Demand or Kaplan live online.thank you
  11. Passed the NCLEX first time-- as an international nurse

    I'M a international nurse ,can you share your email will me Thank you.
  12. Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    tray anna what books did you read for nclex just reply me m_meraja@yahoo.com
  13. What Helped Me Pass the NCLEX

    Which books are the best to study for nclex.please email me m_meraja@yahoo.com
  14. I got the good pop up!

    macuser.girl Please tell what is PVT so I can try too did I pass or not or email me m_meraja@yahoo.com
  15. Failed NCLEX-RN Twice... Need help please!

    To dclcnur Hello,I have the Saunders book but I want to ask you where did you find the CD for the questions,Thank you