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OBNURSE81 has 27 years experience and specializes in OB, Gen. Hosp. Nursing, Staff Education.

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  1. HELP! I got dismissed from my nursing school

    Sounds like you got a raw deal. It is never a good idea to reveal to your patients that you were up all night, no matter what the reason, but to dismiss you from the program without any warning seems harsh.
  2. Without another thought, I was thrown into the mix. Deliveries, I had help with but the normal day to day stuff I quickly learned on my own. In those days we not only did OB but we had a floor full of "clean surgical" cases that we were responsible f...
  3. Doctor Loses Pants

    He loved delivering babies as well as caring for the old. Most of his deliveries were smooth, quiet, and usually uneventful (except for the expected event of having a wonderful newborn, of course). Where the other physicians changed to a clear gel fo...
  4. Well add me to the list. First time was many many years ago, Worked ICU with heavy lifting loads went into pre term labor at 34 weeks. Lasted to 40 weeks and had a 9.6 lb baby. I had to take a leave of absence, was on bedrest on and off for weeks. I ...
  5. Nurse Massage Therapy

    Thanks for the reply! I will be "in touch". How nice it is to have somewhere to get feedback for this type of cutting edge technology! Too bad the medical professionals out there are just now realizing how important touch therapy is. (Somthing by...
  6. Nurse Massage Therapy

  7. Nurse Massage Therapy

    Hi, I am also a massage therapist as well as a "real nurse." Looks like this forum has been pretty quiet. I know there are large numbers of us that are re-focusing from just nursing to massage therapy and nursing. It would be nice to hook up with ...
  8. I definitely not recommend nursing.

    I agree with you and I highly recommend full time nursing in a hospital setting if you want to miss watching your kids grow up, have a babysitter raise them, work your days off, be so tired that when you are home you resemble a zombie. Your husband/...