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  1. Blossom7

    DUKE MSN FNP Spring 2021

    I'm wondering the same question. According with the "Duke Fall MSN 2020" thread, one of people there said this: ""With regards to admissions percentages, I asked Nora about that a month ago. She said that she really couldn’t give numbers/percentages because it varies widely based on the applicant pool. But a couple other sources: 1. There’s an old post on allnurses somewhere (I can’t find the link now) that quotes Nora telling someone that a few years ago, they admitted roughly 60-70% (2/3) of those they interviewed. That’s old info and may have changed, but it kinda lines up with the next bit. 2. I watched the informational video for the WHNP program specifically for those applying for this fall term. The video was recorded last August and featured the director of the WHNP program and one of the admissions officers. The director stated they receive roughly 25 WHNP applicants each term, and they try to keep the cohort size between 6 to 12 at most. So if they only offer interview invites to half and then accept 2/3 of those interviewed, that would line up. But again, bear in mind that a) applicant pools can vary widely from term to term, and b) that info was specific to the WHNP track and may differ from other specialties/tracks.""
  2. Blossom7

    DUKE MSN FNP Spring 2021

    I got an interview invite too! I'm so excited! I'm for PMHNP. Good luck to all of us!
  3. Blossom7

    DUKE MSN FNP Spring 2021

    My application changed to "under committee review" as well. Let's hope we all can get the interview invite soon
  4. Anyone applying for Duke University PMHNP program for Spring 2021? I'm wondering how competitive is this program and when the decisions are made for Spring entry.
  5. Blossom7

    Who else thinks that this is unfair?

    I know your pain. My school use HESI as the final exam of every course and it is 25% of our grade. So far the HESI has become a GPA killer, the exams questions has nothing to do with the course content, and it is impossible to study for it. You need to review test talking skills which is the only thing helping me past my HESI exams. My school has a high NCLEX passing rate and the school said than after taking HESI exams all throw nursing school the NCLEX seems like a "piece of cake." Probably, HESI exams are super stupid and the NCLEX makes more sense.
  6. Blossom7

    Career path advice

    Where I live there are not scrub nurses. The nurses in the OR are circulator nurses. The scrubbing is done by Surgical Techs and they go to school for 2 years for their degree. You need to check around your area to see if what you want can be obtain. It would be sad and disappointing that after finishing your degree you won't be able to set the path for your goals. I think the closes thing to a scrub nurse is a RN First Assistant (RNFA is a perioperative registered nurse who functions in an expanded role, working in collaboration with the surgeon and health care team members to achieve optimal patient outcomes.). You should check it out. It is good to have options open.
  7. Blossom7

    Grading scale

    I'm in an ABSN and the program grading criteria is: A = 4.0 = 100-94 A- = 3.7 = 93-90 B+ = 3.3 = 89-87 B = 3.0 = 86-83 B- = 2.7 = 82-80 C+ = 2.3 = 79-78 (minimum passing grade) I'm planning to go for NP in a couple of years after working as a RN. I'm very happy for the grading scale because I think it will help me to be competitive for NP school.
  8. Blossom7

    Should I beome a RN?

    DO NOT base your decision on becoming a nurse because of a bad job. Nursing is a wide field where you can pick and choose from different specialties and work environment. Do some research on the matter and follow your heart.
  9. Blossom7

    what does OP means?

    lol, I feel a little dumb now. THX Rose_Queen :)
  10. Blossom7

    what does OP means?

    Hi, I have been reading different threads here and I see people calling or referring to nursing students as OP. Why are nursing students referred as OP? What does OP stands for? I tried to Google this but can't find an answer. THX :)
  11. Blossom7

    MCPHS Manchester ABSN Fall 2014

    Well, I graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Kinesiology in 2012. A while after, I started working as a CNA in a local hospital. Jobs in my field are scarce and things didn't go as I expected so I decided to go back to school. Nursing seems a great profession to go into. I work in a clinical setting and I see what nurses do (it is hard work but I like it). Also, I already have the nursing school requirements because of my major, so I didn't have to take any extra classes. Things seem to be working out :) ... What about you?
  12. Blossom7

    MCPHS Manchester ABSN Fall 2014

    Hoping sooner than 2 months, lol, :) Usually nursing schools wait until the end of the deadline to look at the application pool. I hope you get a respond sooner than that. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!...It will feel like an eternity:banghead: so keep yourself busy, it helps. I'm definitely attending! I'm so excited! I can't wait for the program to start I'll be moving there from NC, so I don't know anything about the area. Any tips for apt hunting?
  13. Blossom7

    April 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Four cups of coffee and an order of unlimited chips and salsa please"
  14. Blossom7

    MCPHS Manchester ABSN Fall 2014

    Hi leens89, They responded pretty fast but I applied very early (late October). I got my acceptance letter the begining of January. It is a small campus so I don't think you will wait that long. You can always call them or email them. I'm so happy someone responded my post. Are you out-state? Is MCPHS Manchester your first choice?
  15. Blossom7

    Help! Bought an online test bank not sure what to do!

    "It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it." -Maurice Switzer
  16. Blossom7

    Thinking Like a Nurse (Long...sorry!)

    You already have the knowledge. What you are missing is to add critical thinking to that knowledge. Always keep in mind that patient safety and wellbeing are the most important part of a nurse duties.

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