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  1. Hi Bijita, The information below is from the North Carolina Board of Nursing. I hope this answer your question. Good luck! Graduates of international nursing education programs - must complete a Credentials Evaluation Service (CES Professional Report) or provide a CGFNS Certificate or VisaScreen. English proficiency testing is required for many internationally educated nurse applicants. For additional details concerning the requirements of international graduates, please visit Internationally Educated Applicants: Internationally Educated Applicants | North Carolina Board of Nursing.
  2. I'm making this post to warn all Graduates of Out-Of-State Programs who are thinking to get NC license by examination. YOU MUST SEND ALL YOUR COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS to the NCBON. NCBON will ask for all your nursing school pre-requisite transcripts, despite of what the NCBON website says. I finished nursing school out of state and moved back to NC to get license by examination. I followed everything on NCBON website but I had the uncomfortable surprise when NCBON ask me about the extra transcripts after they took TWO LONG WEEKS before emailing me about it. Then it took them THREE MORE EXTRA WEEKS to process all my documentation. I almost missed my employment deadline over this. Many out of state students have gone through this ordeal. Save yourselves time and right away get all your transcripts sent. Also, if the state where you finished nursing school is part of the compact state agreement, make yourself a favor and get license in that state. You can still get a job and work in NC because of the compact licensure agreement. You will have 90 days grace period to change the license to NC. This way is so much better than getting license by examination. I hope this post can safe people time and reduce frustrations.
  3. Blossom7

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    Yea, it is so stupid! Why do they need pre-requirements courses?! They should know we took the courses, if not, we won't got into nursing school anyways. NCBON sent me an email TWO WEEKS after receiving my nursing school transcript asking for pre-requirements transcript. Then, it took them THREE WEEKS to finally processed my documents (my transcript was process last week!). My advise to every out of state student is that if the state where you finish nursing school is part of the compact state agreement, make yourself a favor and get license in that state. You can still get a job in NC and work because of the compact agreement. You will have a 90 days grace period to change the license to NC. It is way better that getting license by examination. Do not suffer for a month and half with the inefficiency of NCBON.
  4. Blossom7

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    OMG! I can't believe NCBON is so inefficient! Half of my cohort already have taken the NCLEX and they applied for licensure by examination to other states from the one we graduated. What is NCBON doing?! How long those it takes to verified a transcript?! NC and the state where I graduated belong to the compact agreement. How hard it is to call the school or the BON of the state from where that transcript is and verified accreditation or the classes?! This is so frustrating! I'm terrified that my employer will withdraw my job offer because I won't be license by the time training starts.
  5. Blossom7

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    I'm not licensed in the state where I graduated. I moved to NC right after I finished nursing school, so I'm trying to get NC licensed by examination. The employer doesn't have different starting dates because it is a New Grad RN Resident program. All new graduate nurses start the same date. I got the job offer and applied for NC license before I finished nursing school.
  6. Hi, I'm a new grad from an out state nursing school. I'm worry about the time it is taken for my transcript to be process. I got a new grad job offer and I need my license by the first week of Feb. I called NCBON and the person on the phone said that transcripts takes 10 business days to be process. My school sent my transcript on Dec. 17th and NCBON received it on Dec 28th. It is now Mid January (two weeks away from Feb.) and no word from NCBON about my application and my transcript still pending on Nurse Gateway. Is this normal for out state students to go through this? Is there a reason why they are taking this long to verify my school? The state where my school is from belongs to the compact states (NC is one of those compact states) so I'm thinking it shouldn't take this long. I called then again and sent an email too last week about it. I'm scare to called the again and make the process even slower because they are tired of hearing from me. I'm also scare to lose the job offer because I won't have my RN license before the training starts. Any advise?
  7. I got accepted into a New Grad OR program with two years commitment. I had shadowed OR nurses and I thought I like it, but for some reason I keep thinking I will be trap in OR forever. I feel that because I would not use nursing skills for two years I would never get hire in ICU or ED. I'm terrified to no be able to change specialities. Do you know someone from OR who move to ICU or ED?
  8. Blossom7

    Who else thinks that this is unfair?

    I know your pain. My school use HESI as the final exam of every course and it is 25% of our grade. So far the HESI has become a GPA killer, the exams questions has nothing to do with the course content, and it is impossible to study for it. You need to review test talking skills which is the only thing helping me past my HESI exams. My school has a high NCLEX passing rate and the school said than after taking HESI exams all throw nursing school the NCLEX seems like a "piece of cake." Probably, HESI exams are super stupid and the NCLEX makes more sense.
  9. Blossom7

    Career path advice

    Where I live there are not scrub nurses. The nurses in the OR are circulator nurses. The scrubbing is done by Surgical Techs and they go to school for 2 years for their degree. You need to check around your area to see if what you want can be obtain. It would be sad and disappointing that after finishing your degree you won't be able to set the path for your goals. I think the closes thing to a scrub nurse is a RN First Assistant (RNFA is a perioperative registered nurse who functions in an expanded role, working in collaboration with the surgeon and health care team members to achieve optimal patient outcomes.). You should check it out. It is good to have options open.
  10. Blossom7

    Grading scale

    I'm in an ABSN and the program grading criteria is: A = 4.0 = 100-94 A- = 3.7 = 93-90 B+ = 3.3 = 89-87 B = 3.0 = 86-83 B- = 2.7 = 82-80 C+ = 2.3 = 79-78 (minimum passing grade) I'm planning to go for NP in a couple of years after working as a RN. I'm very happy for the grading scale because I think it will help me to be competitive for NP school.
  11. Blossom7

    north Carolina cna2

    Unfortunately, as the PP said, NC doesn't transfer CNA license. You will have to take the CNA test to be licensed in NC. CNA 2 get pay around $1 to $2 more per hour than CNA 1. It always depends of the facility. I started working in a hospital at $11.26/hr as CNA 1 then when I became CNA 2 a got $1 more per hour. There is no much of a difference in the salary but as a new CNA 2 that's what it is. I was told than after a year of working as CNA 2 I'll get pay more.
  12. Blossom7

    Private loan and no co-signer

    It does affect your credit score having many inquires. Even if you apply for multiple loans within 2 weeks you would still have many inquires from the loans applications and that would lower your credit score. You need to call to the places where you want to apply and tell them what your credit score is and ask them to give you an estimation of their interest rate base on your credit score. Good luck
  13. Blossom7

    Private loan and no co-signer

    Google Discover student loans. Discover offer a interest rate of 10.99% for a fixed loan without a cosigner. They have better interest rate that sallie mae and their application is very easy to fill.
  14. Blossom7

    Summer Employment for Nursing Student, No CNA

    You can work as a patient transporter in a hospital. The position doesn't require any license or certification and you will be all over the hospital working side by side with the clinical staff. Patient transporters job duties are: To provide exceptional hospitality service to patients and guests in an attentive, friendly and efficient manner. To transport patients to and from clinical, ancillary and support areas via wheelchair, stretcher or beds as requested to include transport of patients with oxygen tanks, intravenous pumps, drips and special equipment. Other responsibilities to include locating, storing, and cleaning of all departmental equipment. Good luck
  15. Blossom7

    Last term nursing student looking for PCT job

    I think the only way you can get that job it is if you lie or avoid the subject. Where I work, the hiring process is 3 months and the facility spends so much money in training new people that if they know someone is graduating nursing school in less than 3 months they will see it as a waste of resources. On the other hand, my unit manager loves to hire nursing students. He just hired a nursing student that will graduate in December. My unit manager hires nursing students so when they become RNs he can hire them with only the RN training left, saving money in the long run. Good luck