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Cricket183 has 19 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology (OCN).

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  1. Coming Soon...

    Any more details yet?
  2. Please Describe Your COVID Experience in One Word?

  3. My Covid Story: From the Other Side of the Bed

    I was PRN and did not accrue sick time. Forgive my ignorance, but what would that mean?
  4. My Covid Story: From the Other Side of the Bed

    I filed a WC claim. The hospital is a non subscriber to my state’s WC but has a private carrier. They denied my claim stating that 1) I used the wrong date. I was unsure whether to use the date of my 1st known exposure so I contacted HR and they t...
  5. My Covid Story: From the Other Side of the Bed

    I did not see the posts but thank you very much. Like most, I have some pretty strong feelings about the whole Covid subject but I did try very hard to keep my views out of this and just share my story. Writing it was therapeutic for me. And t...
  6. I remember those crazy early days when everything was so confusing and chaotic. I had just started a new job at our small, rural community hospital. We had moved in Fall 2019 and I had taken a few months to find a house and get settled and I was re...
  7. COVID-19: Filed workers comp claim?

    My hospital’s private carrier (they are a non-subscriber) denied my WC claim. They stated I used the wrong date (2 KNOWN exposures and HR told me to use the date of my first symptoms) and I could have been exposed elsewhere. Hmmm...out of the 14 da...
  8. Nurse on COVID leave

    Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. That’s what I thought as well. However, your employer cannot fire you because you have a WC claim, but make no mistake-your job is not guaranteed safe, especially in an “at will” state. So here’s my...
  9. How often should healthcare workers be tested for COVID?

    I contracted Covid the beginning of July (first symptoms 7/7). I continued to test positive for 10 weeks (4 tests). Finally tested negative on 9/14. It was not a work requirement to be tested. I needed a pulmonary function test and they required ...
  10. Allergic to Benadryl?

    I’m not “allergic” to Benadryl per se but I definitely have a paradoxical reaction to it. It does not make me sleepy or drowsy as a side effect. It makes me bounce off the walls, like a combination of steroids and caffeine on speed! I become almos...
  11. The one thing in nursing/medical that makes you shudder?

    Right there with you!
  12. Nurse Refresher Simulation Lab

    I took a RN Refresher Course about 1 1/2 years ago. Like you, I had been out of nursing due to medical disability for over 10 years. I did the skills lab (simulation lab). It was very similar to skills lab in nursing school. While I can’t speak f...
  13. What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    I’m right there with you Pepper The Cat. I can handle vomit, feces, colostomies, wounds, trachs, sputum, etc but have me drop a NG tube and the patient starts gagging, so will I! And taking one out with the slime and snot on the tube...UGH! I also ...
  14. Is my career over already???

    I disagree with the previous poster who suggested a refresher course “might not do it” especially if the refresher course has a clinical portion with it. I was out of nursing for just over 10 years due to medical disability. In order to practice a...
  15. What was your favorite nursing job and why?

    My favorite position was as charge nurse for an inpatient oncology unit. We had a mixture of patients receiving inpatient chemo, on reverse isolation (neutropenic), and inpatient oncology patients with a variety of medical/surgical issues. I loved ...