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  1. PhilipMiguelSabido

    Fingerprinting FAST PASS

    Thanks Meeky, it really helped, however, i already tried using my uncle's address and telephone number however, they ask for a driver's license which is a very personal information that i could not borrow from the US. still waiting for 2 months just to have a reply. I already submitted my FAST pass (fingerprinting information form) and the fingerprint card, however for foreign applicants, one must register it online(which i do not have the slightest idea because of this problem).
  2. PhilipMiguelSabido

    Fingerprinting FAST PASS

    I am having a hard time with regards to my fingerprinting pass, i do not quite understand how the application for the background check goes. I followed this sequence 1. Logon tohttp://www.identogo.com 2. Select:Texas 3. Select:Online Scheduling 4. Select:English or Espanol 5. Enter: First and Last Name 6. Select:All Others 7. Select:Option A - Electronic Submission Card to the address below. 8. Select:Yes, I have a FAST Fingerprint Pass 9. Enter: TX920440Z 10. Select:Pay for Ink Card Submission 11. Follow the prompts to enter requested information. 12. Write in:RegID _________________________________ 13. Mail in this completed form with your completed Fingerprint However when in no. 11, when it prompts to enter request information, i could not advance further because there are information such as the state, tel. no. that is not accepted by the computer because there are no choices for state(philippines) and for the tel. no. i could not input my home telephone number. PLS help. i have been waiting for 2 months already. . Thanks in advance.
  3. PhilipMiguelSabido

    CGFNS credential verification

    good day fellow nurses, btw i am Philip from the Philippines, i am currently applying for texas NCLEX, can someone give me a detailed explanation as to what will i do for CGFNS credential evaluation? is it professional or academic? thanks and have a good day!