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  1. Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying for the LPN program at NCHC for a fall start date. Any current students or recent grads have any insight on the program? I'm wondering what the day time hours are like and where the clinical sites are. I live in Chicago so it's quite a commute for me but it seems like this is pretty much the closest option for an LPN program for me. Thanks!
  2. reneemae

    CMK Healthcare LPN Program

    Onyx0911 are you in an LPN program now? I'm doing some research and hope to enroll in one sooooon. I've been looking at Northbrook Collge of Healthcare, seems pretty decent and the tuition is lower than a lot of other places I've seen. But they are all the way up in wheeling. I live in the city and that would be quite a hike!
  3. reneemae

    Summer 2015 Chamberlain Chicago Campus

    Hi! How is Chamberlain going? I am hoping to start in January 2016, I would love to hear some insight about the program from a current student :)
  4. reneemae

    Truman nursing program 2014

    Congrats on getting into the nursing program! I am applying for the fall of 2015. I saw that you said you heard about some changes coming to the nursing program. Can you tell me what that is all about? Any advice for me to increase my chances of getting in??? Thanks! :)
  5. reneemae

    EduKan Pre Reqs

    Hi there- I was just wondering if you had started your classes through edukan? I am in the process of signing up for classes with them as well (and I'm also in Chicago! Hi!). The session dates are kind of throwing me off.