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  1. ErinKateL

    Psych NPs working in hospitals. What are your hours?

    I work in an adolescent unit M-F 8-5 and also feel completely burnt out! I also have to cover call 1-2 nights each week and work one weekend a month. For about a year I was working 4 10s Sunday-Wednesday and my work life balance was great! I've just started to look for a position that will allow for a similar work schedule.
  2. ErinKateL

    How to become a PMHNP?

    I have a BS in Psych 2005, received my ADN 2011, BSN 2012, and entered a PMHNP-DNP program in 2013. If I can maintain a full course load I will be done summer 2016. If I could do it again, I would do an accelerated BSN program and not waste my time with the ADN. My goal entering nursing was to be a PMHNP.