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  1. Tuffnikki


    You guys have been so helpful! Thank you so much!
  2. Tuffnikki

    Travel assignments New Mexico

    Thanks so much for you comment. It makes a lot of sense. I am happy to travel and try new places and am perfectly fine being somewhere that isn't fancy. or poor. or being a minority. My only issue is safety being a female and traveling alone. But if the agencies take that into consideration, then I'm def. will to try more places. That's pretty cool that you ride your bike back and forth. That def saves money!
  3. Tuffnikki

    Travel assignments New Mexico

    Thank you mds1. Have you done any assignments in Roswell or Las Vegas, New Mexico?
  4. I'm looking at a travel assignment here. Has anyone done travel assignments here? I was told most travelers stay in Nebraska and drive in. Are there more places to stay in Nebraska? Is it safe? I'd much rather share a place with another traveler. I'm looking at a possible start date of: 2/17/14. Thank you!!
  5. Tuffnikki


    Different companies I speak with tell me that most nurses choose to find their own housing rather than taking the housing through the company. I get that it is obviously cheaper and you can pocket the remaining money, but was wondering what peoples experiences have been. Do you find housing on CL? Do you rent apartments or do you typically try to rent rooms from people? What do you do about transportation, etc.. Some of the towns I've been offered assignments in are so small that there isn't a Craigslist page for them. And some of them (NM, for example), don't even have normal hotels...they look like a bunch of scary motels.
  6. Tuffnikki

    Travel assignments New Mexico

    I recently considered a travel assignment to Roswell, NM.... then decided to google the crime rate stats and OMG, it was insane! So I turned it down. I was contacted again by a different agency a couple days ago about an assignment in Las Vegas, NM (which I didn't even know existed!). So this time I knew to research the area before putting in for the job, and when I did, it was rate the top murder capital of NM. Are you freaking kidding me??! I'm a young female who would be traveling alone to these assignments so I obviously want to feel safe. Has anyone been to either of these towns? Is all of NM this way? Thanks! :)
  7. Tuffnikki

    New to traveling

    Hi, I am looking to take my first travel assignment. I have 2 years of experience. I'm looking for any feedback you may have for me. Tips, advice, etc for beginning my career in traveling. Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Tuffnikki

    Hawaii Travel Nursing

    Has anyone taken any travel assignments to Hawaii? I'm looking at taking my first travel assignment to either Hawaii or Alaska. They both seem so far away, but a great experience. Anyone have any advice for travel assignments to either places? Thanks!
  9. Tuffnikki

    Travel Nursing Outside of US?

    Has anyone from the states taken travel assignments internationally? I've always been interested but wasn't sure if it ends up costing more money than you make. Seems like an awesome way to see the world if the pay is right. THanks for any feedback!
  10. Tuffnikki

    Which company to go with?

    Hi, I'm new to this thread. I was hoping to hear your experiences with travel companies. I've been looking at several and they all seen a little different. Which ones do you like the best? Thanks!
  11. Tuffnikki

    Anyone traveling to Austin in March?!

    I live in Austin. Did you guys find housing. There are many Seton locations throughout Austin and surrounding areas. It's good to ask which one you'll be at and if you'll be traveling from one to the other. Traffic here is AWFUL. I think we ranked worse than Houston and Dallas. So I'd try and get a place near where you're staying. Unless you are working night shifts where traffic isn't an issue. :)
  12. Tuffnikki

    Living / working in Bethel - Help!!

    Grapenut : feel free to reach me this way: random handstands at gee male. no spaces. I know those aren't spelled correctly but put it that way in hopes of not getting flagged. I really appreciate any info you can give me. Thank you so much!
  13. Tuffnikki

    Living / working in Bethel - Help!!

    Yes, please do. I'm new to this website and am not sure how to send one. I read on someone else's post that you have to have so many posts before you can send a PM. Do you know?
  14. Tuffnikki

    Living / working in Bethel - Help!!

    Hi, I am looking to take a 13 weeker to Bethel and need to make a decision soon. When I went online to see what kind of housing was there, I honestly couldn't find much. I am a young female who will be traveling along. I'd ideally like to be really close to the hospital and in a place that is comfortable and safe. If anyone has any info, I'd reallllly appreciate it! I'd also be very interested in sharing a space with another traveler. Thank you!!