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  1. 2021 BR Generals School of Nursing

    Anyone applied to BRG SON recently?
  2. BRCC 2018

    Hey @littlebit_ Do you know anything about BRCC's LPN to RN application process ? I applied for the traditional RN program a few years ago and know from that experience, BRCC is big on taking there own students. I have an associates degree from an...
  3. Louisiana LPN to RN programs ?

    You still get on here ? Wanted to ask about nicholls lpn to RN. I messaged you a while back, an individual message. Hope your doing well, I see you should be graduating very soon! Look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Would like to hear of any nurse/ nursing students knowledge with this. Was there an entrance exam? What was the lowest gpa accepted? I have my associates in general science with all my RN pre reqs as well as my LPN. Let me know your thoughts and ex...
  5. What state do you work ? Is it popular in your area ?
  6. Hello all, I have been researching a bit on nursing in Texas, and would like to know from first hand experience ( or if you know a friend) that works/ worked in holistic/ preventative nursing? Is holistic nursing a growing field in Texas, from w...
  7. Louisiana LPN to RN programs ?

    Anyone know/ have experience doing LPN to RN programs in louisiana? Looking into Southern or Southeastern.. Do they require a certain amount of work experience before applying ?
  8. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope your holidays are swell. I am wondering if anyone on this forum is knowledgable about BR Generals Radiologic program, and if they knew anyone on the waiting list who got in? Appreciate any help. Thank you :0).
  9. Baton Rouge General School of Nursing applicants 2016 class

    From what I was told around the middle or end of October we should hear from the school. Anyway I can talk to you further about all this ?
  10. Baton Rouge General School of Nursing applicants 2016 class

    Hey Nursing lady91, I also applied for Br General's RN program for 2016. I applied last year and did not get in. I also applied to other programs. I too work in a hospital, wonder if they take that into consideration? Do you know when we should recei...
  11. Nicholls acceptance

    What pre Reqs are needed for Southern's RN prog ? I thought I saw calculus on there pre- Reqs when I first was looking at schools, and was totally freaked by that!
  12. BR General Nursing Program

    So If I do good on the TEAS I may have a chance ? still waiting on my results I took it at the PSI center in BR. And work at a BR general hospital. I took the HEISI before and will be taking the HESI for Charity in Aug. Keeping my options open becaus...
  13. BR General Nursing Program

    What am I doing wrong on this site ? Just trying to get. Input from those who have been there
  14. Baton Rouge General School of Nursing

    Hi, are yall now in the program ? Is a 3.5 gpa good enough ?
  15. Baton Rouge General School of Nursing

    Are you ladies still in the program ? I am thinking of applying. What were some of your GPA's and TEASE test scores. AS of now I only have a 3.4, but plan on retaking 2 classes over the summer ( help up my GPA). Since the official transcripts are not...