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  1. 900# not working?????

    I wouldn't know what website to go to. I went my states board of nursing website and tried to do the license verification, but it wanted something like $75 to do a search of the database. What website did you go to? Thanks, Erin
  2. 900# not working?????

    Took my boards on Wednesday. Results were supposed to be on the 900 # after noon today. I was freaking out all weekend and all morning long and guess what.......? they can't find my authorization number! I about S@#$! I ended up calling the tech supp...
  3. NCLEX anxiety

    I too am freaking out! I feel that no matter how hard I study I still don't know anything! Does anyone else feel this way? I am taking my boards on July 10th, the first one in my class. I'm half tempted to change the date because of this anxiety. ...
  4. job help

    I pony expressed a word processed (my handwriting stinks) thank you letter today. How long does it normally take for them to get back to someone? I guess my biggest fear is that they would forget about me. I just have a hard time waiting. It als...
  5. job help

    I will be graduating in May and am planning to work on a med/surg floor for a couple of years. Here's the deal. I went to two interviews on the same day. The first one was about 25 minutes from where we'll be living, they don't pay that great, sta...
  6. I'm a nursing student trying to figure how to write a certain nursing dx. I had a had a OB patient who had a recent UTI, foley catheter, and a c-section incision. She is "At risk for infection r/t________ m/b_______". I'm not very good at these a...

    never mind, as soon as I posted that i figured it out! Precipitous! Thanks anyway

    I need to know the word for a "fast" delivery. I have to know for a paper that i am writing. I know it starts with a p but I just can't put my finger on it. Any ideas?
  9. I feel the same way as you about presentations. I am fine until I get up there and then my voice starts shaking. I know it's stupid because all my classmates are my friends and we spend almost everyday together. Anyway, I had to give a presentatio...
  10. CNA Wanna Be?

    I am currently a second semester junior in a BSN program. I became a CNA at age 16 (I am now 22) to see if nursing was what I wanted to do. Well it definetly is! I cannot stress how much my CNA has helped me! I feel like I have an advantage over s...